Sunday, 6 November 2016

25 year wedding blessing a non starter.

this year me and my wife Enid have been married 25  years and we wished to have a blessing.but here comes the best bit ,getting a  celebrant was no problem as contracted a lovely lady -Debbie Merritt-who came to visit and discussed cost and what was required for the day. the bits were quite honestly hard and got fed up with fact when mentioned the word wedding or blessing the costs of venues and caterers went up or were disinterested due to small number of guests numbers not our fault only have a small group to invite ,the same attitude was extended when ask for level access due to my wife not being able to walk every well .yes i know some of you will say why not do it yourself but  we wanted to make it special as never had a honeymoon so i hope no one else has this hassle.

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