Sunday, 2 October 2016

my time on probation

Probation in criminal law is a period of supervision over an offender, ordered by a court instead of serving time in prison.
In some jurisdictions, the term probation only applies to community sentences (alternatives to incarceration), such as suspended sentences.[1] In others, probation also includes supervision of those conditionally released from prison on parole.[2]
An offender on probation is ordered to follow certain conditions set forth by the court, often under the supervision of a probation officer. During this testing period, an offender faces the threat of being sent to prison, if found breaking the rules. this happened to me in 1987 in essex at time split from my frist girlfriend and unhappy to say lost the plot big time wnt on a criminal damage spree -car wing mirrors,dustbin  through bus stop,bike on floor -fines and court charges -second time -slash car tyres ,broke wing mirrors and more serious in court as judge give me  1 year probation order and asked to see a doctor -court fees and fines. i had to report to a probation officer which i did for a while then got bored and did weight training instead yes probation officer was not very happy .why do i mention this well when i get checked for volunteer work or work i have to mention as still on file so be careful as you mistakes in past can haunt your future.

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