Saturday, 22 October 2016

emma adam -interview    this is a reply from a lady called emma adam  who saw this post and replied in this interview ,thank you emma.                                                                                                                                                                                                       It was Feb 14th 2015 roughly and my sister was stopping over mine she lived in Eastwood in Nottingham so I invited her to stay. She had her dog and I had mine and we put the dogs in the boot of the car ready for a walk. Helen my sister was the driver I was the passenger. We wanted to go somewhere different with the dogs but it was getting very dark so we decided to drive local but somewhere different. We went through countryside roads and back lanes and came across a street which only allows one car to go down at a time with a few pull ins on the way down. As we got near the moon light lit up the road so it was still visible to see to walk the.dogs. Out from the left a man came out with three dogs. He was shining his.tourch and let us drive past him. As we got further up the road. Something else came from the left. It was strange looking very tall. Slight hunch shoulders and looked like when it walked it was either dragging something or its leg was injured. My sister stopped the car in an emergency break and we both said what the fuck is that? It then continued to cross the road and stopped in the middle when my sister pressed her horn on the car. It stopped looked at us from a distance and I told my sister to put the main beam on. We was trying so hard to focus on this creature. Its reflective eyes was glowing at us with the main beam on. I pressed the horn several time to get its attention. Its eyes was like 2 big ones and 4 small ones. Really couldn't understand what we was looking at. My sister was flashing her beam then it started to walk straight across the road into woods at the right. We couldn't turn the car round we had to go past it. I was scared I pressed the central locking system of the car. I quickly when onto the Internet to tell people what we saw to.skeptics sayings red deers stand on two feet. This was no red deer. We searched the area for anything we came across black annis or griffiydam which isn't far. We Google where we was and the road is called limby Hall lane Swannington which is near griffiydam. All which are legends of Leicestershire. We asked people came across this site and told what we saw. I told people got a group we stood in those woods at night two weeks ago with a medium who says there is a portal near by or witch craft or someone did worship the devil. I believe myself it's not a ghost how can two people seem it and also reflective eyes. They were Redish orangish in colour. Glowing in and out like cats eyes. We keep driving down with fail. We used paranormal equipment people said they saw something run fast through the woods but I didn't see that. All the time twigs snapping all around us in the woods when we had the sp11 in there. We still don't know what it was we didn't get any features just outline and glowing eyes. This thing was at least 7ft tall.

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