Sunday, 16 October 2016

devils link to south west.

devils limekiln-this is a rock on lundy island which is said to have been put their by the devil himself .the devil is said to dumped the surplus rock offshore in shutter rock to trap mariners .the chasm is 370 ft deep ,250 ft wide at the top dropping into the sea. devils boulder -this is the name of a stone dropped by the devil in an act of temper as flying through the air.every year on the 5th November the local man of the village of shebbear  perform a ceremony of turning the boulder.first church bells  are rung ,men with crowbars do the formidable task of turning the stone is believed if this ceremony is not performed a calamity will fall on shebbear. during ww 1 when discontinued the following year was a disaster for village and neighbouring ww 2 the church bells were forbidden and all harvests during this time were  bad.

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