Sunday, 9 October 2016

Can Dogs Have Attention Deficit Disorder?

Can Dogs Have Attention Deficit Disorder?There’s a huge amount of controversy when it comes to hyperactivity (ADHD) in human children. There’s no doubt that lots of children genuinely suffer from ADHD, but some professionals believe that too many are diagnosed with the problem just because they are overly energetic. This can lead to unwarranted treatment. Similarly, there are some dogs which seem to have endless energy – they whine a lot, can’t seem to relax and can often be destructive. Is it possible that dogs can suffer from ADHD too? And if so, how common is the condition?
ADHD is in fact extremely rare in dogs. In most cases, a dog that appears to be hyperactive is actually bored, attention seeking or anxious. Many first (or even second) time owners don’t realize that dogs are clever animals that need something to do with their brain, and a way to use up their often boundless energy. If they don’t get that physical and mental stimulation, they aren’t likely to feel settled or relaxed.
This is particularly the case if your dog is of a working or herding breed. Dogs that were read more

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