Saturday, 22 October 2016

Bigfoot interest getting bigger

Paranormal investigator Thomas Curtin (left) buys a “Bluff Creek” keychain from Jordan Lowe during Sunday’s Bigfoot Day at Beaver Creek State Park. Lowe, the proprietor of Asylum Comics in Marietta, Ohio, has written a comic book on the life of a young Bigfoot. (Photo by Stephen Huba)EAST LIVERPOOL–Sightings of Bigfoot aficionados spiked over the weekend at Beaver Creek State Park, which hosted its second annual Bigfoot Day on Sunday.
Among them were investigators of paranormal phenomena, specialists in cryptozoology, and experts in UFOs. And then there were the everyday fans, like the man whose T-shirt read, “Bigfoot saw me but nobody believes him.”
The fact that there is such a thing as Bigfoot Day is a sign that, along with the sightings, there is an increase in public interest in cryptozoology (the study of unknown animals), parapsychology (the study of ghosts and spirits) and ufology (the study of UFOs), said Thomas Curtin, a paranormal investigator and researcher from Warren, Ohio.
“I think there’s been an increase in interest. A lot of people don’t realize how many sightings there are in Ohio,” he said, noting that Ohio is fourth or fifth in the country for numbers of Bigfoot sightings.
Curtin heads Eerie Ohio, an organization that investigates and documents claims of the paranormal in Mahoning, Portage and Trumbull counties. “I do it strictly for the passion of it and to help people,” he more

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