Sunday, 4 September 2016

Where is the Small Tortoiseshell this summer?

Small Tortoiseshell on RudbeckiaGardeners are being asked to focus on their flowerbeds this Bank Holiday to look for one of the UK’s best-loved butterflies whose numbers appear to have plummeted this summer.
The beautiful Small Tortoiseshell is one of the most recognisable and widespread UK species and is a regular garden fixture in high summer.
But this year, numbers have been worryingly low as the cool spring and slow start to the summer appear to have taken their toll on the butterfly’s attempts to breed and feed.
Small Tortoiseshell sightings are significantly down across the UK and gardeners are being asked to look out for the butterfly by joining the Garden Butterfly Survey, sponsored by B&Q, to help build a picture of what is happening.
The Small Tortoiseshell has endured a tumultuous recent history. The butterfly, whose population has plummeted by 73% since the 1970s, had seen its numbers rise over the last few years and hopes were high that it was on the path to recovery.
But this summer’s poor showing could mean the Small Tortoiseshell is set for yet more years of decline.
Butterfly Conservation Head of Recording Richard Fox said: “We don’t understand what is causing the drastic long-term decline of this familiar and much-loved butterfly. Theories involve climate change, pollution and parasitic flies that kill the butterfly’s caterpillars, but we need more information.
“If you see Small Tortoiseshells or any other butterflies in your garden, the Garden Butterfly Survey -read more

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