Saturday, 10 September 2016

town shuttle bus for holsworthy devon?

Mark Mark
Please support and give your views. I myself would use for holsworthy hospital and doctors appointments and waitrose
Anne Marshall Would be lovely to have the market bus back between Bradworthy and Holsworthy in a Wednesday
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Esther Rowe Holsworthy Rural Community Transport do cover bradworthy already. A trip to Holsworthy is included in the timetable.
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Anne Marshall Didn't realise that. We lost our Wednesday market bus about 7 years ago. It was the only bus link we had x
Esther Rowe Ring 01409 259001 for more details or look on the website, to view the latest timetable
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Paula Sargent I don't know if they still do it. But Brad Cars taxi company started to put on their own minibus for Wednesday. You had book a place, & i'm not sure if your place is covered but you can always inquire. Look on there facebook page.
Paula Sargent
Brad Cars's photo.
Brad Cars
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Gemma Bee the bus from brad to holsworthy did get up and running earlier in the year but wasn't enough people getting on so it stopped again
Mark Antony Raines
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Esther Rowe Unique opportunity to influence a local service to your needs. More opinions, better the service.
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Carole Wise Much needed and yes I would use it if it included cookbury Thornbury area
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Esther Rowe The current Ring and Ride bus includes Cookbury and Thornbury. Take a look on our website for more details. This would be a Holsworthy town shuttle, so looking for suggested routes and pick up areas in Holsworthy.
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Mark Antony Raines
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Michael Curtis well done really needed
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Lynn Willey This would be great for doctors appointments and for the surrounding villages, my parents live in whitston and when they where I'll the orther week I couldn't get though , it would be a great service .
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Esther Rowe This would be a Holsworthy town shuttle but we do come to Whitstone with our current Ring and Ride bus. Take a look at our website for more details. We also provide a volunteer car for medical appointments which also covers Whitstone, so if your parents are stuck again for a Drs appointment give us a call.
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Mark Antony Raines
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Carol Bassett This would be brilliant .
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Valerie Davis GREAT idea.
Fran Beech Great idea
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John Dexter Would it be possible to include Chilsworthy in its run ??
Esther Rowe Probably not as far as chilsworthy village as it is a Holsworthy town shuttle service (might go as far as the Redrow Estate) but our ring and ride bus service already covers Chilsworthy, take a look at our website for more details.
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Mark Antony Raines
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Cherry Irwin Definitely needed good idea
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Cherry Irwin Also wish there was a bus from Holsworthy to Kilkhampton instead of having to go to Bude then a bus to Kilkhampton as they don't run very often
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Tanya Boundy Great idea
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Amy Clarke Great idea. ..I would definately use it for the medical centre especially if it was rainy to save me walking with my toddler!!!
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Paola Louisa Chandler To medical centre what a brill idea!!
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Victoria Davies Medical centre yey
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Julie McIver Brilliant, could it stop outside deer park too please?
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Esther Rowe Good suggestion Julie, thanks.
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Julie McIver There are lots of old people by us that struggle to walk up the hill into town
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Mark Antony Raines
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Sammi Collington To the medical centre would be brilliant. To and fro the cattle market/farmer's market would be great. So what days of the week and how frequent the service?
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Julie McIver It would be great if was Monday to Saturday
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Mark Antony Raines
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