Sunday, 4 September 2016

Thin ice getting thinner

Levels of Arctic sea ice reached an all-time low this spring, according to data collected by scientists at the European Space Agency (ESA). 
The measurements are based on data collected by ESA’s CryoSat satellite and are consistent with what the agency has observed for the past three years. (See time lapse video below.)
Launched in 2010, CryoSat uses radar to measure the difference between the top height of the ice and the top height of water in cracks between the ice sheets. Scientists the use the data to calculate the thickness and volume of the ice.
“CryoSsat continues to provide clear evidence of diminishing Arctic sea ice,” Professor Andrew Shephard said in an address at the Living Planet Symposium in Edinburgh, Scotland.
Winter holds clues to summer ice amounts
Arctic sea ice, which floats on the ocean, unlike ice sheets on land, expands and contracts with the more

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