Sunday, 25 September 2016

Flat-faced dog’s fight for life left me ‘a mess,’ says Ulrika Jonsson, as she supports vets’ health warning

It mutt be love . . . Ulrika with bulldogs Nessie and DexterTHEIR cute scrunched-up faces have made them some of our favourite dogs.
But would-be owners are being urged by vets to steer clear of “flat-faced” breeds such as pugs, bulldogs and shih tzus, as the extremes of selective breeding have left them prone to health problems from breathing difficulties to eye ulcers.
Former British Veterinary Association president Robin Hargreaves says: “Their nasal passages are so thin that it’s like breathing through a straw.”ANYONE who tells you a dog is “just a dog” hasn’t experienced a pet’s unconditional love.
My two bulldogs — Nessie, five, and three-year-old Dexter — are my companions and both came from reputable, responsible breeders.
They are my best friends, my ­children and a bigger part of my life than I can respectfully concede.
But all that nearly changed three months ago when Dexter fell more

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