Sunday, 28 August 2016

What we know about the Fundraising Preference Service... so far

Q Will all charities be blocked from sending fundraising communications to people on the FPS?
This is still undecided. George Kidd, chair of the working group deciding on the implementation of the FPS, indicated in February that he was not keen on having a model in which people could simply block communications from specific charities they disliked, saying he could not see how such a system would work. But at Third Sector's Fundraising Week conference in April, Stephen Dunmore, interim chief executive of the new Fundraising Regulator, said this was being considered. The regulator will be the body that manages the FPS, although Kidd has said the delivery will probably be taken care of by an external agency with expertise in data security.
Q What about existing supporters who sign up?read more

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