Sunday, 21 August 2016

Killer shark off Cornwall?

In a scene reminiscent of the film Jaws, a fisherman out on the water has said he was nearly toppled from his wooden boat by the man eating shark.
The angler was out looking for mackerel a mile off the coast of St Ives, when suddenly his boat was rammed by the 7ft fish.
As it swam away – passing another boat – he identified it as an oceanic white tip, a shark famed for feeding frenzies around shipwrecks and plane crashes.
While the prospect of this killing machine swimming around our coast sounds terrifying, before any one flees the water, experts are already pouring cold water on the reports.
They claim the shark, normally found in tropical waters, has never been seen this far north – and even if it has entered our waters it will be virtually comatose by the cold.
Nevertheless the fisherman are adamant.-read more

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