Sunday, 3 July 2016

St. Peters Fair holsworthy

 The  was founded under 
 the patronage of the church of        
 St.Peters and St.Pauls in the late    
 13th.century.This annual event which  
 takes place on 10th.July and is one of
 the most popular events in the area.  
  Despite the loss of the churches     
 influence on secular life since the   
 industrial revolution,this is one     
 event which originates from the rector
 Thomas Meyrick who proclaimed in 1841 
 the choosing of a fair queen every    
 10th. of July which makes this fair   
 somewhat special.The choosing of the  
 fair queen takes place on the stroke  
 of noon on the 10th.of July.The queen 
 has to be a single woman under the age
 of 30,resident in Holsworthy,most     
 noted for her looks,quietness and     
 attendence of church.The fun fair     
 takes place in the memorial car park.A
 flower show is also held at the church

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