Sunday, 17 July 2016

bullfighting a cruel so called sport.

as we all know a bull fight is some what rigid .before the start prior to a fight the bull is starved ,drugged in order to weaken and disorientate the bull ,and in some cases petroleum jelly is smeared in their eyes to impair vision ,horns may get shaved which is like having an extreme dental treatment without a fight the bull is attacked  by men on foot and horseback with lances and harpoons called banderillas.the matador then forces the confused and exhausted bull to make it charge before attempting to kill the bull with a sword.if the bull is not killed it is stabbed repeatly untill paralysed .when the bull collaspes its spinal cord is cut and ears are cut off as trophies.i expect spanish people may be offended by post as part of ther culture but cruelity is wrong.

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