Monday, 8 February 2016

Nadejda Rozanova, PhD Biochemistry researcher, Reiki Master\Teacher at Healing energies

I have 3 main goals - first present my cancer cure for public ( more about this method see in the article and in my scientific paper listed in profile). By now my attempts to present it failed, because it is not possible to get funding for cancer cure which is effective and cheap but could not be patented ( it based on natural substances so it could not be patented and big pharma can not benefit from it). But I hope I'll present this cheap, effective cure to the world. This is my plan. Second goal and another side of my cancer research is research of energy healing- see it here today energy healing are accepted as healing for side effects of cancer treatment only, but my research show that it can kill cancer cells as well. so I am trying to present this kind of cure to public as well. Inspiration for my research for cancer cure was the death of my mother from cancer. Third goal is to return justice to it's ethical and moral standards. I have litigation process which is about property line ( very small encroachment of part of my parking structure is on the neighbor's property) which is very simple law question. But in the road to solve it I faced the facts that justice system is not standing by it's own ethical standards- for example Code of Conduct for United States Judges Canon 3: A Judge Should Perform the Duties of the Office Fairly, Impartially and Diligently. It means among other things that judge should at least read the pleading papers before rule on it, but in my litigation experience judge can rule without even reading paper and without even knowing who wrote it plaintiffs or defendant and what it is bout. Also one of the law is law about perjury and now it looks like it does not exist anymore: not only litigant can lie even if he signed paper under penalty of perjury but nobody concern about it-no judge nor district attorney . Moreover,even attorney who are officer of court, can lie under penalty of perjury without any consequences. We tried to submit concern about it to Bar association, made motion to court and they all did not find the basic in the lies for attorney disqualification. Though Bar association's ethical codes for attorneys said that even half truth is misconduct.. Thus I was shocked how judicial system works they take our taxes, take the filling fee but did not bother even to read papers- this was my inspiration. And I decided what i will try to do something to change it. it looks like that only people can change it. Because inside the system I do not see any willingness to change this practice of unethical behavior. And though in such small cases as my litigation it could not do big damage, but in bigger cases it can be dramatic. For the purpose to achieve awareness of the public I created the discussion group for self represented litigants who are damaged more by unethical judicial system. After the group will grow I'll try to start crowdfunding effort to help people to get justice and to stop unethical conduct of officers of the court.

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