Monday, 8 February 2016

Julie Be Siew Hoon Storyteller, Quantum Psychologist, Blogger and Empath at MoaM

A Malaysian (where the heck is this Malaysia?) woman who is virtually a nobody went on a journey of self-discovery. She found many many answers to her unending questions when she seeked answers online. The cyber world is her bestest friend, never judging her questions merely accepting it at face value and immediately giving her millions of answers that she could explore. Google is her bestest friend for it did not discriminate that she is just a housewife and that she has a disability (giftedness is a curse and a disability), Google did not condemn her at first sight nor judge her every action. Google became her most trusted friend because Google can take her anywhere on this planet for a brief visit just to pick on someone's(usually an expert in the chosen field) brain. Google did not stereotype this woman for her skin colour, her appearance or her ability to converse fluently in English and other languages. Even though she does not live in a western country nor is she white...she is on par with most white males in terms of her knowledge and her intelligence. This woman noticed when she joined the community called Facebook that users of Facebook are all self-appointed judge and jury with guns blazing at their sides ready to shoot her down if she so much as make a single error. This woman visited many many online churches, synagogues, temples, mosques and holy places hoping against hope to see the face of god or at least experience the love of god. To her utter shock and extreme disappointment , these holy places on Facebook are nothing but a pig sty of mud fights between the self-righteous moron and the idiotic dogmatic who thinks he is above all else. When she called out their prejudice and discrimination, she got banned from these very unholy and such disgusting 'holy places'. The believers in these groups band together and then they stone her to death. They stone her and then they crucify her. They left her body in the town square as a warning to others who may come after her. They call her an abomination. They label her as evil, they told her that she is satan or the devil incarnate. How can people use such language to demean another human? She took all that abuse and it made her soul so so sick. And you would think that these people who sets up these groups to tell others about the love of jesus...these people would understand what love is? Nay...they are the worst kind of self-righteous judges. The worst kind of murderers as they murder people's spirits on Facebook every single day and they quote scriptures while watching you bleed to death. So this woman next visited the Starseed/new age community. Is it any different? would think that since they are vibrating at such high frequencies that they would embrace and love her. NO such luck peeps. The starseeds were blinded by her brilliance and because she is not white or european or come from some royal family...they too reject her and what she had to offer from her broken heart ~ AGAPE LOVE. Oh yes...along the way , many many opportunists saw how effective a leader this woman was and how she seemed to have an age old wisdom. They noticed she had multiple accounts and that she had 3 full accounts of 5k each plus 2 smaller ones of about 1k they did the math in their head and then they decide that they will use her. She got added to so many political groups on Facebook. If anyone takes a peek at her info page ...they can see that for themselves. So these politicians know lah...are worse than tiger sharks! She had a blast trolling those though coz the numbskulled neanderthals in these groups deserve a clobber on their heads with her stunning intellect. She finds it so amusing that these men would purposely pick fights with her just so they would get her attention? O boy...just like her sons at home!! The highlight of her political sojourn on Facebook is this: Raja Petra Kamaruddin inboxed her personally to ask for her support to add members to his group. (*gasp* whaaaaaaaaa...) Also, Dato Ti Lian Ker used to goad her in the inbox for his own political gains, I am telling you the truth ..take it or leave it. And of course some of you still remember that young handsome leader of Gerakan who joined PKR after getting to know this woman personally through Facebook. This man and his wife came to meet up with this woman when she was on vacation in KL. Oh yeah...don't forget that old man who also used her to penetrate sarawak politics, always asking her counsel on how to approach sarawakians, no need to mention names lah. That was local Malaysian politics. Outside of Malaysia, this woman has been roped in to campaign aggressively for a candidate in the last presidential elections in the Philippines. Why do you think she used to have a godson who lives in Manila whom she visited for one day and got stuck at the airport? And yes...of course you do not need to mention her minor role in helping to campaign for Obama in his second presidential election. Obama won did he not? As she predicted. Also, she had some powerful politicians and leaders from all over the world in some of her 20 plus groups that she created and admined single-handedly. Now, she is down to 2 groups and she would like to keep it that way. So people of the world...what do you think of this stupid housewife ? Has she spent her time in the best way possible on Facebook to bring real change to this corrupt and sick sick world? Has anything she has ever done on Facebook be a blessing to you? If you are one of her many many enemies who keeps trying to pick her apart...can you please leave her alone to die in peace? That's all. Enjoy your time on Facebook, make sure you keep killing fellow humans with your lopsided and self-righteous view on life, love and reliegion. Thank you for reading, It is very loooooooooooong because I wish it to be. Oh caps??!!!!!!

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