Saturday, 13 February 2016


These are the tenants who have gone above and beyond to turn their local authority dwellings into something special, including the Sistine Chapel, a Gaudi-inspired indoor garden and even a baked bean museum. A new one-off Channel 4 documentary meets council house tenants like Robert Burns, a former decorator who made his three-bedroom Brighton terrace home into a replica of the Sistine Chapel. Robert has spent 12 years transforming his humble abode into a homage to one of the most iconic artworks of all time, Michaelangelo's ceiling and The Last Judgement fresco. He also recreated the frescoes on the walls of the chapel, which were painted by famous Renaissance artists - but in a quirky twist, instead of just showcasing the lives of the saints and important religious events, he inset several very modern stars including Wayne Rooney, ex-Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho, Nigella Lawson and Simon Cowell.
It took him three times as long to complete his work as it took painter Michelangelo to complete his masterpiece in Rome. But what makes his feat more spectacular is that the talented artist has never even been to Italy - or been taught how to paint artistically. 

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