Monday, 22 February 2016

Assessment for mark

Well today i had an assessment  about  getting  back  to  work  at launceston medical  centre, This happened  after a odd start as at 9,45 am i was rang to say their  might not  be able to make due to my appointment  last  one of day and may  run late but then rerung to say ring at 2,45pm to see if can do,Anyway  to make a  long  story short  i later  had  to ring my volunteer  driver to pick me up from 3,40 pm to 2,45pm to help  assessment  people  out,Got to centre, a reall old depressing  building ,showed my i d to prove i was  me then waied until  3.40pm to see assessment  person, a nurse ,eho the asked about my illness and if any changes  since  4 years ago  filling in  forms and i mentioned that  i had a possible right thalamic  stroke,due development of pain in left  side of  jaw which  spread gradually down my left side including arm and lower limb,my speech became less fluent with hesitancy  and left arm more  sensitive to  touch.Had tests and given clopidogrel 75 mg as a secondary prevention. Due to this problem  the nurse stopped  the assessment  as only  a doctor  can deal with brain  health  problems  so i have to wait for  an appointment  for this but still get my benefits  untill  next  assessment  probably at Plymouth.

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