Sunday, 10 January 2016

Moon phases for London, United Kingdom - England in 2016

Moon phases for London, United Kingdom - England in 2016

LunationNew MoonFirst QuarterFull MoonThird QuarterDuration
1150      2 Jan05:3029d 15h 01m
115110 Jan01:3016 Jan23:2624 Jan01:451 Feb03:2729d 13h 08m
11528 Feb14:3815 Feb07:4622 Feb18:191 Mar23:1029d 11h 16m
11539 Mar01:5415 Mar17:0223 Mar12:0031 Mar16:1629d 9h 29m
11547 Apr12:2314 Apr04:5922 Apr06:2330 Apr04:2829d 8h 06m
11556 May20:2913 May18:0221 May22:1429 May13:1129d 7h 30m
11565 Jun03:5912 Jun09:0920 Jun12:0227 Jun19:1829d 8h 01m
11574 Jul12:0012 Jul01:5119 Jul23:5626 Jul23:5929d 9h 44m
11582 Aug21:4410 Aug19:2018 Aug10:2625 Aug04:4029d 12h 19m
11591 Sep10:039 Sep12:4816 Sep20:0523 Sep10:5629d 15h 08m
11601 Oct01:119 Oct05:3216 Oct05:2322 Oct20:1329d 17h 27m
116130 Oct17:387 Nov19:5114 Nov13:5221 Nov08:3329d 18h 40m
116229 Nov12:187 Dec09:0214 Dec00:0521 Dec01:5529d 18h 35m
116329 Dec06:53      29d 17h 14m
* All times are local time for London. Time is adjusted for DST when applicable. Dates are based on the Gregorian calendar.

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