Tuesday, 29 December 2015

My Motorhead concert.a tribute to lemmy

Years ago when i was younger and wore colours..thought i was a hippie hells angel ..i wnt to my frist heavy metal concert.This was to watch motorhead which lead singer was lemmy from motorhead a bit of a hero of mine due to the way he started off in hawkwind then left to form motorhead, think band name came from a track from album.T he concert was at the cliffs plavion in Southend -on -sea essex ,the support  band were called sword  who are i beleive candian ,their set was about half hour, at the concert  were all the local hells angels,my future brother in law was one, the speakers  were huge and the bouncers were the hard  core of hells angels.Then on stage came lemmy up to his trademark  mirophone ,long and mic at a time 45 degree angle the music was then loud and brash and at one point  the crowd were told that the management  had ask motorhead to  turn the volume  down,may have been part of the act,lemmy in his usual zest for life said something  like fuck them lets get louder.All the major songs were playec and tge next day my hearing was a bit  mutt and jeff ..deaf but i was reminded of  this day due to the recent death of lemmy ..29.12.2015 so iwting this a tribute  to hat he meat to me a true zest ,loud ,brash man who once was a hippie then a metalhead rocker gone but always part of me.This article is in gonzo weekly ,thanks jon, http://files.flipsnack.net/iframehtml5/embed.html?hash=ftpm4ismd&fullscreen=1&startIndex=0&previous_page=true&startPage=1&t=14515407831451540783&bwd=1&pbs=1

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