Saturday, 28 November 2015

Red Planet Day: Top Mars conspiracy theories about alien life

On Red Planet Day, IBTimes UK looks at the more extraordinary claims surrounding the search for life on the distant planet. The discovery of liquid water on Mars has led scientists to believe there is a much greater possibility of finding some evidence for life forms on the fourth rock from the Sun.
Alfred McEwen, professor of planetary geology at the University of Arizona, said: "The possibility of finding life in the interior of Mars is very high. There is water in the crust and we know Mars has received meteorites from Earth. Microbes can survive that trip, making it very likely life could be found in the crust of Mars."

Mars caused climate change on earth

Radio host Rush Limbaugh believes the news that there is water on Mars is part of a left-wing agenda. "I would assume it would be something to do with global warming... maybe there was once an advanced civilisation." The controversial radio host warned about 'dubious science' being used to promote the 'climate change agenda' on Earth.

Nasa is keeping secrets about life on Mars

Conspiracy Outpost has claimed that Nasa is withholding information about life on Mars, using the -READ MORE-

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