Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Pixie,s hallows art...illustrator..photographer

I am inspired by nature and how it moves and changes not only inform but by colour. Natures colour can be so bright and colourful but then change to the darker elements as the nature moves with earth as it revolves around. No image is the same and I like that challenge and try and catcher that moment in time. The weather also apart of natures way set mood to a image and try catch that before it changes is really tricky  to quickly paint and rember the scene as it moves as the earth rotates. I would love to continue to try and catcher nature and earths rotation from sultal to the dramatic setting  as nature revolves to it many spendered forms of colour, drama, setting. Also I hope to expand the studio and open to the public in near future.
My style is unique by mixing the old with the new and by doing this I am able to catcher nature as she moves with earths rotation. To be free to be able to move around the board freely to let the paint creatively move with the ever changing setting of nature is what I love and the many challenges that it comes with.

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