Sunday, 11 October 2015

10 Weird Animals We’re Using In Research

Smithsonian's National Zoo/FlickrAbout 95% of animals used in research are mice, rats or fish, but scientific research hides quite a few surprises. Specifically, that the weirdest and most unusual animals are currently helping in ground-breaking scientific discoveries.
Did you know that naked mole rats can’t get cancer, that the honey of bees has anti-cancer properties, that jellyfish venom could cure cancer and that dolphins get sexually transmitted diseases? All these animals could one day be key to solving the complicated puzzle that is cancer just like the round little armadillo was pivotal in defeating leprosy worldwide.
Wait until you see what urchins and ferrets help us understand. From influenza to obesity and ageing, the study of certain diseases can be strongly influenced by different animal models and although we can’t swim like a squid or jump like a kangaroo, we can develop the same illnesses.
There is a whole lot that we can discover by studying dolphin sex, jellyfish fights, bees’ honey and many others. The studies of animals has helped eradicate smallpox, study STIs, understand AIDS, and discover a whole lot about how humans and the world we live in functionREAD MORE-.

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