Sunday, 31 May 2015

Herpes treatment for skin cancer

Herpes simplex
The herpes virus could help to treat the advanced stages of the most serious form of skin cancer, researchers have discovered. Herpes simplex is the virus that causes cold sores. Previous laboratory research has shown that a mutant form of the virus has improved the survival times of animals with malignant melanoma tumours. The virus is also known to reproduce itself more rapidly in human cancer cells, rather than in healthy cells, leading to their death. A team from the University of Glasgow carried out a preliminary study to discover whether a safe, genetically modified version of the virus could be safely used on patients. I would hope that herpes simplex might be included in non-surgical therapy for this disease in the future Professor Rona MacKie, Glasgow University Five patients with advanced skin cancer that has spread to-READ MORE - THIS ARTICLE IS TRUE EN D WILL HELP END CANCER

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