Saturday, 18 April 2015

katie Foreman- Justice_4_Molly Petiton- PLEASE SUPPORT

Hi i have been talking to you though my facebook page.... 

Molly at 12 weeks old 
  Molly at 6 months old

Molly was only 6 months old and just had her sprayed... so we slowly started letting her out in the garden and let roam free. it was the 16th of October as i can remember the day so easily as the day before was my sons 3rd birthday. it was 9am and she started to walk funny and trying to be sick so i rushed her to vets the vets wasnt sure and set her home. during the next hour she was swaying then she couldnt move she looked like she was drunk and fall over.... so i cuddled her until we could get into the vets again.
While at the vets she had a blood test and £500 later the vets came back to us with the bad news she was poisoned with antifreeze and she was in Kidney failure and nothing they can to help. by 2.30pm she was put down and we took her room and buried her in the garden. I was dreading telling My Daughter she was only 4 at the time she was very close to Molly, but we had to.... That was the worse time in my live seeing my baby cry because some horrible person poisoned her closes friend.

So the day after a started my Justice_4_Molly Petiton page and now 6 months on i have 181 likes and my petiton i received over 5,000 signutures to ban that certain Antifreeze

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