Sunday, 1 March 2015

​ ​ G.S.I PARANORMAL UK​ ​ ​Professional Paranormal Investigation- an article

Don is the owner of TimeStream FX Productions, as well as his own projects like Steve has after being approached for advice assisted with other commissioned TV projects for major TV networks as well as being featured himself on things concerning the unknown. As well as producing TV pilots for the U.S his latest project PHENOMENA sees Don teaming up with leading Parapsychologist Steve Mera in an initially planned 5 part series planned for TV although nothing is definite as yet. Don is very well established within his dealings when it comes to all things paranormal & has been directly involved with the unexplained for 40 years. Steve Mera founder of SEP has been following Don's work for some time with great interest, together the duo can be seen joining forces using scientific approach to each investigation, Steve bringing his years of expertise in his particular field of Science & Parapsychology on a direct head to head collision course with Dons own expertise in his field of spirit communications & explanations to what he claims is occurring, there is no doubt Don has produced multiples of evidence & attracted much attention since going public 3 years ago with his work but will Steve Mera ultimately prove or disprove real phenomena is actually taking place or will this fascinating joint venture result in some remarkable conclusions in support of Don's claims potentially unearthing new discoveries ? no stone will remain unturned in the quest for answers during this fascinating alliance.

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