Sunday, 8 March 2015

Boy George And Culture Club: Karma To Calamity - BBC4, 9pm

Boy George And Culture Club: Karma To Calamity - BBC4, 9pm IN the early 1980s, Culture Club were one of the biggest bands in the world. What with them and Bonnie Tyler, it was a musical pinnacle never since reached. Being part of Band Aid cemented them as stalwarts of the Eighties, a band that broke down barriers. For me personally they made it acceptable to wear lipstick in maths. But by the time disbanded in 1986 they were a band with a troubled past. Boy George had an affair with drummer Jon Moss and, when they acrimoniously split, the group fell apart, the singer descending into heroin addiction. This documentary charts the outfit's recent revival, following the members from initial recording sessions through to live performances as they attempt to overcome their tempestuous history. Read more: georgezz3TogjnW2x Follow us: @SentinelStaffs on Twitter | sentinelstaffs on Facebook

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