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Image result for POWERLIFTINGPowerlifting is a strength sport that consists of three attempts at maximal weight on three lifts: squat, bench press, and deadlift. As in the sport of Olympic weightlifting, it involves lifting weights in three attempts. Powerlifting evolved from a sport known as "odd lifts", which followed the same three-attempt format but used a wider variety of events, akin to strongman competition. Eventually odd lifts became standardized to the current three.
In competition, lifts may be performed equipped or un-equipped (typically referred to as 'raw' lifting or 'classic' in the IPF specifically). Equipment in this context refers to a supportive bench shirt or squat/deadlift suit or briefs. In some federations, knee wraps are permitted in the equipped but not un-equipped division; in others, they may be used in both equipped and un-equipped lifting. Weight belts, knee sleeves, wrist wraps and special footwear may also be used, but are not considered when distinguishing equipped from un-equipped lifting.[1]
Competitions take place across the world but mostly in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Iceland, Egypt, Sweden, Finland, Russia and Ukraine. Powerlifting has been a Paralympic sport (bench press only) since 1984 and, under the IPF, is also a World Games sport. Local, national and international competitions have also been sanctioned by other federations operating independently of the IPF.Power lifters  complete 3 lifts in order -SQUAT,BENCH PRESS,DEAD LIFT. You have 3 attempts at each lift,the goal is to lift as much weight as possible with the score of your highest lift in each exercise combined.Rules- SQUAT- your hip joint must be lowered below the top of your knees as you squat  into bottom position.BENCH PRESS-your back,head ,bottom and shoulders must be on the bench at all times,with your feet on the ground and you must wait for the judges call of =press= before lifting bar off your chest .DEAD LIFT-you must complete the lift in one smooth movement without any jerking and wait for judges signal before put bar down.My power lifting moment was in 1987 at physical city gym,southend-on sea,Essex i had to join the BRITISH WEIGHTLIFTING GUILD and be weighed my remembered scores  were -SQUAT-200LB-BENCH PRESS -75 LB-DEADLIFT -330LBS.


COCONUT-can help prevent male infertility.KALE-lowers blood pressure and risk of cancer.CHIA SEEDS-ideal for healthy energy levels.POMEGRANATE- ups blood flow to heart.CACAO -cuts stroke risk and nerve damage.HORSERADISH -stops cancer cell growth.ALMONDS -fends off  type 2  diabetes.FLAX SEED - full of omega -3 eases cholesterol.WHOLE  GRAINS- combat heart disease.


The GULF STREAM is at its lowest for 1,000years and this could affect  BRITAIN,S climate by making it colder. The current brings warmer weather from the Gulf of Mexico to Europe ,without it we could get a climate similar to Canada- -3-27 f.Also research in GERMANY says the current may be affected by ARCTIC  ICE SHEET melting and impact might be substantial.


 Scientist s believe the CAMPANIAN IGNIMBITE -volcanic eruption 40,00o years ago ,ITALY,expelled huge amounts of Sulphur dioxide into the air causing a Europe - wide chill. This could have caused hardship for Neanderthals and may have helped wipe them out.

Tina Simpson Psychic, medium, tarot reader, police investigation, Stage medium-AN ARTICLE

I have been a psychic medium since I was as little as 4 yrs old. I can hear spirit, and often see them too. I also see glimpse of the future !

I am experienced with giving face to face readings, telephone, skype, international

I have experience on stage.

I am a teacher about the phenomenal.

Skype Pay Pal, Twitter Facebook-
adult education
– Present (13 years)medway kent
I am currently studying counselling therapist level 3... completed in June 2015..

I specialise in addicition, crime, bereavement, abuse, learning difficulties, mental health.-


pychic medium tarot reader
(10 years 3 months)kent
why not get a reading and find out whats coming up in your future! help with advise and guidance. Develop your skills in mediumship or tarot cards ! or dream interpretation.-

psychic medium, tarote reader

(10 years 3 months)

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Mexico introduces circus animals ban

The Mexican authorities have introduced a new law banning certain animals from performing in circuses. The move means the industry now needs to find a way to address the problem of the estimated 2,000 animals it has in captivity - including tigers, elephants and zebras.SEE VIDEO AND READ MORE-


Image result for teddy boysTeddy Boy (also known as Ted) is a British subculture typified by young men wearing clothes that were partly inspired by the styles worn by dandies in the Edwardian period, styles which Savile Row tailors had attempted to re-introduce in Britain after World War II.[1] The subculture started in London in the 1950s, and rapidly spread across the UK, soon becoming strongly associated with rock and roll. Originally known as Cosh Boys, the name Teddy Boy was coined when a 1953 Daily Express newspaper headline shortened Edwardian to Teddy. Wealthy young men, especially Guards officers, adopted the style of the Edwardian era.[citation needed] At that point in history, the Edwardian era was then just over 40 years previous, and their grandparents, if not their parents, wore the style the first time around. The original Edwardian revival was far more historically accurate in terms of replicating the original Edwardian era style than the later Teddy Boy style. It featured tapered trousers, long jackets that bear a similarity to post-war American zoot suits and fancy waist coats. Although there had been youth groups with their own dress codes called scuttlers in 19th century Manchester and Liverpool,[2] Teddy Boys were the first youth group in England to differentiate themselves as teenagers, helping create a youth market. The US film Blackboard Jungle marked a watershed in the United Kingdom. When shown in Elephant and Castle, south London in 1956, the teenage Teddy boy audience began to riot, tearing up seats and dancing in the cinema's aisles.[3] After that, riots took place around the country wherever the film was shown.[4] Some Teds formed gangs and gained notoriety following violent clashes with rival gangs which were often exaggerated by the popular press. The most notable were the 1958 Notting Hill race riots, in which Teddy Boys were present in large numbers and were implicated in attacks on the West Indian community.[5] The violent lifestyle was sensationalised in the pulp novel Teddy Boy by Ernest Ryman, first published in England in 1958.READ MORE-

Richard Knight Sole Proprietor at Dr. Knight Inc.-an interview

Richard KnightGreetings, Okay my inspiration is that of being a light worker and energy healer since birth. I was born with 14 senses and have always used the same in order to help others. I am presently putting together a paranormal conference in September this year at Dragon Hills in north Georgia. This will be an open forum with many speakers, a panel for questions and answers, booths for advertising group affiliates, sponsors or silent business partners, and lots of advertising in lots of different means of media. Then we shall have another conference for the west coast in Arizona. The long range plans are numerous, a school to teach paranormal investigators how to provide spiritual solutions to those in crisis all over the world. Then after the two years of study they shall be selected as members of a very elite team of investigators to travel the world with me as the lead. Then even a bit farther down the road is the creation of a community drop in center to give healings, teachings, spiritual books and supplies, statuary, jewelry, blessed candles, and magical instruction. In addition to this will be a medium sized bed and breakfast with about ten bedrooms and baths with kitchen and all for those who come long distance to receive treatments, counseling, healing, or to attend the school even. I hope this answer most of your questions if there is anything else you would like to know feel free to ask. All services are provided on a donation basis. I have a very long list of titles and credentials including ordinations, attunements, degrees, over forty years of experience etc etc. Blessings, Richard

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"Richard of Gloucester" redirects here. For the grandson of George V of the United Kingdom, see Prince Richard, Duke of Gloucester.
"Richard III" redirects here. For the play by Shakespeare, see Richard III (play). For other uses, see Richard III (disambiguation).
Richard III
Richard III earliest surviving portrait.jpg
The earliest surviving portrait of Richard (c. 1520, after a lost original), formerly belonging to the Paston family
(Society of Antiquaries, London)
King of England (more...)
Reign26 June 1483 – 22 August 1485
Coronation6 July 1483
PredecessorEdward V
SuccessorHenry VII
ConsortAnne Neville
HouseHouse of York
FatherRichard Plantagenet, Duke of York
MotherCecily Neville, Duchess of York
Born2 October 1452
Fotheringhay Castle, Northamptonshire
Died22 August 1485 (aged 32)
Bosworth Field, Leicestershire
BurialGreyfriars, Leicester (reburial planned for Leicester Cathedral26 March 2015)
ReligionRoman Catholicism
English Royalty
House of York
Coat of Arms of Richard III of England (1483-1485).svg
Richard Plantagenet, 3rd Duke
Richard III
Richard III (2 October 1452 – 22 August 1485) was King of England from 1483 until his death in 1485 in the Battle of Bosworth Field. He was the last king of the House of York and the last of the Plantagenet dynasty. His defeat at Bosworth Field, the last decisive battle of the Wars of the Roses, marks the end of the Middle Ages in England. He is the subject of the fictional historical play Richard III by William Shakespeare.
When his brother King Edward IV died in April 1483, Richard was named Lord Protector of the realm for Edward's son and successor, the 12-year-old Edward V. As the young King travelled to London from Ludlow, Richard met and escorted him to lodgings in the Tower of London where Edward V's brother Richard joined him shortly afterwards. Arrangements were made for Edward's coronation on 22 June 1483, but before the young king could be crowned, his father's marriage to his mother Elizabeth Woodvillewas declared invalid, making their children illegitimate and ineligible for the throne. On 25 June, an assembly of lords and commoners endorsed the claims. The following day, Richard III began his reign, and he was crowned on 6 July 1483. The young princes were not seen in public after August, and accusations circulated that the boys had been murdered on Richard's orders, giving rise to the legend of the Princes in the Tower.
There were two major rebellions against Richard. The first, in October 1483, was led by staunch allies of Edward IV[1] and also by Richard's former ally, Henry Stafford, 2nd Duke of Buckingham;[2] the revolt collapsed. In August 1485, another rebellion against Richard was led by Henry Tudor and his uncle, Jasper Tudor. Henry Tudor landed in southern Wales with a small contingent of French troops, and then marched through his birthplace, Pembrokeshire, recruiting more soldiers. Henry's force engaged Richard's army and defeated it at the Battle of Bosworth Field in Leicestershire. Richard was struck down in this conflict, making him the last English king to die in battle on home soil, and the first to do so since Harold II was killed at the Battle of Hastings in 1066.TO BE RE INTERNED  ON THURSDAY 26 03 2015  AT CHURCH OF ENGLAND CATHEDRAL LEICESTER ALSO LIVE EVENTS ON - MORE -


In SOUTH DOWNS  lives DOLLY a sheep who has racked up 23 years and counting .Sheep normally live up to about 10 to 12 years and the oldest so far died in 1989 aged 28.




For years children of all ages  have fed the ducks with stale bread normally in local park duck pond well this may need to stop.The CANAL&RIVER TRUST claim 6 million loaves are flung into rivers and canals every year encouraging Rats,and uneaten soggy bread could spread disease,me i will carry on feeding them as will my gran kids.

Possible fatty acid detected on Mars

A fatty acid might be among organic molecules discovered on Mars by Nasa's Curiosity rover. However, it's not possible at this stage to determine whether the compound has a biological or non-biological origin. And contamination could still be responsible for the finding. The results come from Curiosity's SAM instrument, and were presented at the 46th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference (LPSC) in Texas. Nasa scientist Daniel Glavin described the results from the first "wet chemistry" experiment carried out by Curiosity. A long-chain carboxylic acid, or fatty acid, was a good fit for one of the data peaks detected in a mudstone called Cumberland, he told an audience at the meeting. A form of alcohol molecule may also be among the compounds analysed. The preliminary result will excite scientists because fatty acids are key components of the cell membranes found in all life forms, including microbial organisms. Dr Glavin told an audience that the result was "provocative", and said the link to biology was the "million-dollar question". But he explained that a -READ MORE-

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Pamela Marcom a interview

I work for a large hospital in Sacramento CA My hobbies are cooking, sewjng, crochet but most of a paranormal investigation. I am currently part of the USS Hornet crew working on the paranormal tours of the ship. I am currently taking a Tarot Class and I am working with two close friends and mediums who are helping me to expand abilities I had but lost as a child. I started about 3 years ago when a coworker invited me to Virginia City NV for a weekend investigation. By the weekend I was hooked. We started Pacific Coast Spirit Watch and the rest is history. We have 11 team members who range in age from late 20s to mid 60s. My aim and goals are to continue to investigate. Learn as much as I can and in the end try to help as I can. Initially I wanted to learn if there is truly another side. I have lost both parents and wanted to proof that this isn't all there is. Our team has been extremely fortunate to have been granted permission to investigate many location, some which had never been done before. The Argonaut Mine, California Auto Museum, California Aero Space Museum, Gibson Ranch, several cemeteries and many other locations. We recently returned from Dunsmir and Castella CA. We investigated the Stone Cottage Inn, the California Theatre and the Castle Rock Inn and Café (a former bordello). Over the course of the year's we have captured many evps, video and personal paranormal experiences. Ghost Adventures used a clip of evidence we obtained on the USS Hornet in the Ghost Adventures Aftershock episode airing on May 31, 2014. We have secured many new locations and 2015 may be our best year yet. My plan for the group's future is to continue to investigate, learn as much as I can during that process and share it with our group. I look forward to continuing my journey, working with the team, meeting many new people and visiting new locations-our web site is

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Anthropocene: New dates proposed for the 'Age of Man'

The Anthropocene - a new geological time period that marks the "Age of man" - began in 1610, a study suggests. Scientists believe that the arrival of Europeans in the Americas had an unprecedented impact on the planet, marking the dawn of this new epoch. The findings are published in the journal Nature. Others say that the industrial revolution or the first nuclear tests better signal the start of the Anthropocene. While some believe the exact date for a new epoch can only be determined with the benefit of thousands or even millions of years of hindsight. An international Anthropocene Working Group is currently reviewing the evidence and will announce its favoured start date next year. Golden spikes Continue reading the main story “ Start Quote We look for these golden spikes - a real point in time when you can show in a record when the whole Earth has changed” Prof Mark Maslin University College London Geologists carve up Earth's history into chunks that reflect times of significant change on the planet, perhaps as a result of continental movement, a big asteroid strike, or a major shift in climate. We are still formally in the Holocene Epoch. It started more than 11,500 years ago as the last Ice Age came to an end-READ MORE - World New World Map

Penduline Tits showing well today at Darts Farm

Although only 2 Penduline Tits were present, they were showing well this morning, both in the reedmace and preening in the willow tree. Interestingly they appeared to be eating the buds off the tree as well! Chiffchaff and reed bunPenduline Tit in Willow Treetings were also present in the morning sunshine.

First Baby Step' Toward Anti-Aging Drug

- Researchers could be closing in on a "fountain of youth" drug that can delay the effects of aging and improve the health of older adults, a new study suggests. Seniors received a significant boost to their immune systems when given a drug that targets a genetic signaling pathway linked to aging and immune function, researchers with the drug maker Novartis report. The experimental medication, a version of the drug rapamycin, improved the seniors' immune response to a flu vaccine by 20 percent, researchers said in the current issue of Science Translational Medicine. The study is a "watershed" moment for research into the health effects of aging, said Dr. Nir Barzilai, director of the Institute for Aging Research at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York City. Rapamycin belongs to a class of drugs known as mTOR inhibitors, which have been shown to counteract aging and aging-related diseases in mice and other animals. Barzilai, who wasn't involved in the study, said this is one of the first studies to show that these drugs also can delay the effects of aging in humans. "It sets the stage for using this drug to target aging, to improve everything about aging," Barzilai said. "That's really going to be for us a turning point in research, and we are very excited." The mTOR genetic pathway promotes healthy growth in the young. But it appears to have a negative effect on mammals as they grow older-READ MORE-

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Lykquydyzer-ben kortekaa-a interview

What inspired you? My main influences Pop Will Eat Itself, Orbital, The Chemical Brothers, Hallucinogen. I remember seeing Orbital live in their early days and thought wow I want to do that. I've been playing drums in bands since I was 16 and played gigs all over the place. I was also quite a well known DJ playing pubs and clubs in Blackburn and Leeds and also a few illegal parties. My inspiration comes from many places but a lot of it comes down to how I'm feeling when composing. What are your aims? My main aim is to play live, I love the thrill you get when you see people enjoying and dancing to your music. If the sale of the CD goes well then a limited edition vinyl Ep will be in the offing. What plans do you have for the future? I have 2 festival appearances coming up this year and hopefully more be forthcoming. Playing live will be the the major plan with merchandise being produced ive already designed the t shirt so its all go.

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Boy George And Culture Club: Karma To Calamity - BBC4, 9pm

Boy George And Culture Club: Karma To Calamity - BBC4, 9pm IN the early 1980s, Culture Club were one of the biggest bands in the world. What with them and Bonnie Tyler, it was a musical pinnacle never since reached. Being part of Band Aid cemented them as stalwarts of the Eighties, a band that broke down barriers. For me personally they made it acceptable to wear lipstick in maths. But by the time disbanded in 1986 they were a band with a troubled past. Boy George had an affair with drummer Jon Moss and, when they acrimoniously split, the group fell apart, the singer descending into heroin addiction. This documentary charts the outfit's recent revival, following the members from initial recording sessions through to live performances as they attempt to overcome their tempestuous history. Read more: georgezz3TogjnW2x Follow us: @SentinelStaffs on Twitter | sentinelstaffs on Facebook

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I wish i had this find in my kitchen .pboard in A rare first edition of THE DANDY was found in a kitchen cupboard in GLASGOW  after spending 40 years in it ,sold for £3,000.


A holy crocodile -100 years old who was hand fed by worshippers has died of obesity in BANGLADESH.


GOD SAVE THE QUEEN-SEX PISTOLS a rare copy -one of nine surviving discs out of 25,000 copies pressed by label-A&M RECORDS.This sold for £ 6,000 in a auction,many a fan knows SEX PISTOLS were dropped 6 days after signing  in 1977 due to hell - raising behaviour.


UPDATE-Nasa's Dawn probe achieves orbit around Ceres

The US space agency's Dawn probe has gone into orbit around Ceres, the largest object in the Solar System between Mars and Jupiter. A signal from the satellite confirming its status was received by ground stations at 13:36 GMT. Ceres is the first of the dwarf planets to be visited by a spacecraft. Scientists hope to glean information from the object that can tell them about the Solar System's beginnings, four and a half billion years ago. Dawn has taken 7.5 years to reach its destination. Its arrival has seen it pass behind the dwarf to its "dark side". Over the next month, controllers will re-shape the orbit to get it ready to begin the prime science phase in late April. Over time, the intention is to progressively lower the orbit until the probe is just a few hundred km above the surface. By that stage, it will be returning very high resolution pictures. "We feel exhilarated," said Chris Russell, the mission's principal investigator from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). "We have much to do over the next year and a half, but we are now on station with ample reserves, and a robust plan to obtain our science objectives." Similar narrative The satellite has turned up at Ceres having previously visited asteroid READ MORE-

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Westward Ho! Fish Festival is all about celebrating and enjoying North Devon's fishing heritage, our local catch, culture and our marine environment. With a little FLAG funding and a lot of community spirit and massive support from local traders, we hope that this will be the first of many such events. We will be having children's workshops including carnival crafts, fish cookery, marine litter craft and pottery (with Tarka Pottery). There will be a mermaid storyteller, face painting and a big spring beach clean (in conjunction with Surfers Against Sewage and AONB). There will be all kinds of fishy traders cooking and selling fresh fish dishes to tempt you and a craft sale with our best local crafters showing off their products. Evening workshops include a chef demonstrations, talk about edible seaweed (with samples to try) a kite-making workshop and a fish supper on Good Friday. The festival finishes off on Easter Saturday at 3pm with a big fishy family walking carnival/parade around the village with everyone welcome to join in. The brighter the costume the better. There will be drums, shakers, whistles and bells to celebrate this first ever fish festival in the village. If you are coming on holiday, please pack some fancy dress and come and join us in the parade! Most workshops are free and will run on a drop-in basis but the fish cookery and pottery ones are priced and bookable due to limited space being available and the cost of materials/ingredients involved. If you would like further information about any of the workshops please message us or call in at the Happy Cafe. A full publicity leaflet will be produced shortly and a festival itinerary will be posted on here once everything is finalised. Hope to see you there -SUNDAY 29TH MARCH TO SATURDAY 4TH APRIL -WESTWARD HO-HAPPY CAFE BE THERE OR BE SQUARE-

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia--AN ARTICLE FOR MEN TO READ

The term benign prostatic hypertrophy is also used but technically it is incorrect. Hypertrophy means enlargement of the components without an increase in their numbers as happens with muscle fibres. Hyperplasia is an increase in the number of the components and this is typical of glandular enlargement.
Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) is an increase in size of the prostate gland without malignancy present and it is so common as to be normal with advancing age. It seems likely that the nature of BPH is a failure of apoptosis (natural programmed death of cells) and that some of the drugs used to treat it may induce that process.[1]
The prostate secretes about 70% of the volume of seminal fluid. It is a hormone-dependent gland and BPH does not occur in castrated men.
It should be borne in mind that lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) and BPH are not synonymous. Prevailing European guidelines suggest that because BPH is so common in older men, it should not be looked on as the only possible pathology in patients presenting with LUTS. The doctor assessing a patient with LUTS should take an holistic view bearing in mind the full range of causes and the possibility of co-existing morbidities.[2]-READ MORE DEAR MALE READERS AS LIKE ME YOU MAY END UP WITH THIS.-

​ ​ G.S.I PARANORMAL UK​ ​ ​Professional Paranormal Investigation- an article

Don is the owner of TimeStream FX Productions, as well as his own projects like Steve has after being approached for advice assisted with other commissioned TV projects for major TV networks as well as being featured himself on things concerning the unknown. As well as producing TV pilots for the U.S his latest project PHENOMENA sees Don teaming up with leading Parapsychologist Steve Mera in an initially planned 5 part series planned for TV although nothing is definite as yet. Don is very well established within his dealings when it comes to all things paranormal & has been directly involved with the unexplained for 40 years. Steve Mera founder of SEP has been following Don's work for some time with great interest, together the duo can be seen joining forces using scientific approach to each investigation, Steve bringing his years of expertise in his particular field of Science & Parapsychology on a direct head to head collision course with Dons own expertise in his field of spirit communications & explanations to what he claims is occurring, there is no doubt Don has produced multiples of evidence & attracted much attention since going public 3 years ago with his work but will Steve Mera ultimately prove or disprove real phenomena is actually taking place or will this fascinating joint venture result in some remarkable conclusions in support of Don's claims potentially unearthing new discoveries ? no stone will remain unturned in the quest for answers during this fascinating alliance.

Mark Anthony Raines of Holsworthy mark show is a guest on Monster Movie Night with Internet Horror Host Bobby Gammonster.

Mark Anthony Raines of Holsworthy mark show is a guest on Monster Movie Night with Internet Horror Host Bobby Gammonster. ...https://...