Saturday, 17 January 2015

The Secrets of The Tea Chimps

The Secrets of The Tea Chimps
For 50 years the British public had an extraordinary love affair with a cartload of tea-drinking chimpanzees. While many of is of a certain age remember their talented performances in the popular PG Tips adverts, few people know the story behind their on-screen antics.
This charming documentary tells the story of how the chimps came to be on our screens, what happened to them when the cameras stopped rolling and the problems they faced once the limelight faded.
It takes a nostalgic look back at an era when people were quite happy for chimps to be treated like humans – dressed up in clothes, sleeping in beds, riding bikes and even smoking cigarettes. In the PG Tips adverts, the young chimps appear to be having a great time doing all of the things people do – watching TV, moving house, going to work and tackling DIY.-SEE LINK-

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