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Sid hope interviewed by mark antony raines ghostman

THANKS GHOSTMAN ... here goes ..
The Stonehenge festival campaign exists to lobby, Protest, attend meetings, raise awareness, and maintain links with interested parties, to re-establish ‘the peoples free festival’ @ or near
Stonehenge. My inspiration ? Simple ...  the Stonehenge free festival, free festival and new age traveller movement supported a network of travellers, the counter-culture and city folk
who flocked to Stonehenge in their thousands. It still plays an important part in many peoples lives especially those who regularly attend the equinoxes and solstice gatherings @ Stonehenge
and provided a self sufficient alternative community – enough gatherings throughout the country to push a sizable community of the dole and into profit. At the heart of these gatherings
is a culture of anti-materialism, sharing and a passion for freedom and open spaces where middle class idealists mix with the products of unemployment and poverty, young and old, disillusioned
with living in stressful inner cities where housing is poor, job non-existent and families fractured. Free festival’s & gatherings have always attracted the unemployed or those on low incomes
and for many kids provides a first time opportunity to learn about and experience country life. A cheap annual holiday for whom not much else is provided. In an increasingly secular
society Stonehenge holds a mystical significance for many.
Formed in Aug 2011 the campaign continues to highlight the need for the festival’s return on a separate site – part of any solution to restore dignity @ Stonehenge and the current overcrowding
and mismanagement of summer solstice Stonehenge. The campaign regularly attends meetings with custodians English Heritage over our right to access and to help to ensure the smooth
running of Stonehenge gatherings. This year the campaign celebrated the 30th anniversary of the original free festival by releasing an anniversary C.D featuring live and studio recorded music
by bands who either appeared @ the festival or the campaign’s annual benefit gigs. Money raised from its proceeds goes to continuing our work and establishing a free festival fund.
The campaign runs an info and merchandise stall, as well as providing sound and light throughout the night for those gathered on the Stonehenge drove and other events. Nothing better illustrates
the struggle between rich and poor than issues surrounding land ownership and who has access to land. Many festival goers prefer to live nomadic or semi nomadic lifestyles, part of an
attempt to escape the ‘rat race’ and live a more self sufficient and spiritual lifestyle. Unfortunately they have been criminalised and effectively outlawed – legislation having abolished the duty on
local authorities to provide adequate sites. Ministers have made it clear that their intention is to push nomadic people into abandoning their way of life in favour of living in houses. For
travellers free gatherings are a refuge. After lobbying M.P’s, archaeologists, the National Trust, E.H, the M.O.D, private landowners, etc, the campaign continues to locate a suitable festival site.
I hope this helps .. please let us know if you do anything with it. You can contact me on 07985410448 email: or
check out Sid Hope on face book. Cheers !!

aftercare advice for after having a new tattoo

Aftercare Advice

  • Remove bandage after 1 hour
  • Wash tattoo with warm soapy water
  • Rinse and pat dry with a towel
  • Apply thin coat Bepanthon 3-4 times daily for 2 wks.
  • Avoid swimming pools, hot tubs, Jacuzzis, and tanning beds for 2 weeks. DO NOT pick scabs
  • DO NOT wear rough scratchy clothes on tattoo
  • DO NOT use Vaseline or petroleum based products
  • Use common sense

Farmland birds show rapid decline

Farmland birds are at their lowest levels since records began, according to government figures.
Numbers of birds such as grey partridge, turtle dove and the starling are down more than 85% since 1970s.
But there has been an increase in some other bird species, including seabirds.
The figures come from an assessment of wild bird populations in England, which has been compiled by the Department for Environment and covers 118 different bird species.
It includes data on 19 species reliant on the farmed countryside.
Over the last 40 years, indicators used in the report show a decline in farmland birds of 56%, with turtle doves declining the most rapidly - down 96% since 1970.
Other species under pressure include skylarks - down 62% since 1970 - and lapwings which are down by 50%.
Much of this decline is blamed on the rapid change in farmland management in the late 1970s and early 1990s.
Modern intensive farming methods means that fields have become much bigger, and more chemicals are used. With a significant loss of hedgerows, birds have fewer places to nest.-read more- dove

save the beavers-Legal fight begins to save family of beavers in Devon

Ottery St Mary beaver. Pic: Tom Buckley
Beavers filmed on the River Otter in Devon bring "a little more joy into our landscape", say campaigners

Related Stories

Campaigners have begun legal action to prevent the government from capturing a family of wild beavers in Devon.
Friends of the Earth said because groups already live in the wild in Scotland, the beavers are protected in England under EU laws.
The River Otter beavers are believed to be the only wild ones living in England.
The government said they could be carrying disease and wants to test and re-home them in captivity.
The three beavers, thought to be two adults and a juvenile, were first reported to be living on the river in the summer of 2013 and no date has been set for trapping them.
Tom BuckleyThe beavers were first reported to be living on the river in the summer of 2013
BeaverDefra wants to rehome the beavers "in a suitable location"
The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) said the beavers could be carrying a disease "not currently present in the UK".
Friends of the Earth has filed papers at the High Court in London requesting a judicial review into whether Natural England followed the correct procedures in issuing licences for capturing the beavers.
Spokesman Alasdair Cameron said: "You cannot just capture a population without considering its conservation status.
"They are entitled to protection as a legally protected species under European law.
"We know that beavers can bring many benefits, such as boosting fish stocks, improving biodiversity and helping to prevent flooding - as well as injecting a little more joy into our landscape."
A Defra spokesperson said: "Beavers have not been an established part of our wildlife for the last 500 years and their presence could have a negative impact on the surrounding environment and wildlife.
"These animals may also carry a disease which could pose a risk to human health.
"Once captured and tested, we intend to rehome them in a suitable location, and all decisions will be made with the welfare of the beavers in mind."

Surgeons transplant heart that had stopped beating

Transmedic machine
Surgeons in Australia say they have performed the first heart transplant using a "dead heart".
Donor hearts from adults usually come from people who are confirmed as brain dead but with a heart still beating.
A team at St Vincent's Hospital in Sydney revived and then transplanted hearts that had stopped beating for up to 20 minutes.
The first patient who received a heart said she felt a decade younger and was now a "different person".
Hearts are the only organ that is not used after the heart has stopped beating - known as donation after circulatory death.
Beating hearts are normally taken from brain-dead people, kept on ice for around four hours and then transplanted to patients.
'Significant development'
The novel technique used in Sydney involved taking a heart that had stopped beating and reviving it in a machine known as a "heart-in-a-box".
The heart is kept warm, the heartbeat is restored and a nourishing fluid helps reduce damage to the heart muscle.
The first person to have the surgery was Michelle Gribilas, 57, who was suffering from congenital heart failure. She had the surgery more than two months ago.
"Now I'm a different person altogether," she said. "I feel like I'm 40 years old - I'm very lucky."
There have since been a further two successful operations.
Prof Peter MacDonald, head of St Vincent's heart transplant unit, said: "This breakthrough represents a major inroad to reducing the shortage of donor organs."
It is thought the heart-in-a-box, which is being tested at sites around the world, could save up to 30% more lives by increasing the number of -read more-

this is a article about steve mera ,done instead of interview which is going to redone when i can ,sorry


Mr. Stephen Mera


Employment History

Board Memberships and Affiliations

  • Founder
    The Scientific Establishment


  • BSc
30 Total References
Web References
Members - The Office of Parapsychological Studies, 15 Feb 2014 [cached]
Steve Mera BSc is a British Parapsychologist who founded The Scientific Establishment of Parapsychology in Manchester. He also runs The Manchester's Association of Paranormal Investigators and Training {MAPIT} which is one of the leading courses in Parapsychology and Anomalous Phenomena in the UK. Steve is editor of online journal, Phenomena: The Scientific Investigation Of The Unexplained and is also consultant for PSI Applications in the United States.
Liverpool 05/06/06 1 - Unknown Phenomena Investigation Association, 6 May 2006 [cached]
Owednesday 07/06/06 the UPIA were contacted by Stephen Mera of MAPIT to ask if we could look into a UFO report from the Merseyside area.
Steve ..., 10 Feb 2010 [cached]
Steve Mera
Stephen is currently the Chairman of MAPIT - Manchester's Association of Paranormal Investigation & Training. He is also the Founder of SEP - The Scientific Establishment of Parapsychology. Stephen has been involved in the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena for around 25 years. He has been involved in many television shows and radio stations and is a regular contributor to numerous magazine. Stephen is the head tutor for the BITC - British Investigators Training Course which has become one of the most recognised courses of its kind in the UK. Stephen is also a member of UPIA - Unknown Phenomena Investigation Association and is a consultant for PSI Applications in the U.S.
Mr. Stephen ..., 29 Aug 2011 [cached]
Mr. Stephen Mera MAPIT Head Office
UPIA Contacts - Unknown Phenomena Investigation Association, 19 May 2012 [cached]

Top 50 Most Haunted Places in Britain – 24

Another entry in the chart of the most haunted places in Britain compiled by Uncanny UK editor Richard Holland.

24. WYTHENSHAWE HALL: Wythenshawe, Manchester

This glorious black-and-white Tudor mansion on the outskirts of Manchester is possessed of a few traditional ghosts and some odd poltergeist-style activity. The ghost is a classic White Lady, who is said to be Mary Webb, a former servant killed during the English Civil War. She has frequently been seen in a long white dress in the vicinity of one of the bedrooms, and has also been heard sobbing.
Steve Mera of Manchester’s Association of Paranormal Investigation and Training has made a particular study of Wythenshawe Hall and has heard first-hand reports of spooky activity from both visitors and staff. Two security guards told Mr Mera that they not infrequently heard inexplicable noises at night, including footsteps, bangs and even the possible sound of gunfire. On one memorable occasion a large tapestry flew off the wall, across the staircase and landed on top of them! Weird noises have also been heard in the library and doors, known to have been securely shut, have been found standing open here.
Mr Mera also spoke to a man who, using the grounds as a short-cut one night, encountered a group of ghostly monks. They could only be seen from the knees upwards, as if they were walking below the level of the ground.
[SOURCE: Steve Mera in Paranormal Magazine, issue 56]
Stephen Mera- Mark...
Mr. Stephen Mera BSc. 
UK Consultant for PSI Applications U.S.

Phenomena Magazine: Founder / Design & Construction-
Author of: A-Z of the Unknown / Strange Happenings & Paranormal Insight -
Founder of the Scientific Establishment of Parapsychology (Est 1996).

Chairman of MAPIT - Manchester's Association of Paranormal Investigation & Training (Est 1974):

Associative Member: Unifaculty of London Forensic Parapsychology

Member: Office of Parapsychological Studies

TV & Radio Host, Freelance Journalist, Lecturer & Head Tutor of the British Investigators Training Course.

Phenomena Magazine - Official Sponsors of the Scottish Paranormal Festival:

Pamela Golightly Marshall Saint at YHWH/Christ Jesus Foundation a acrticle

Jesus Christ/Yahweh is in Australia. His name in this reincarnation is Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall. His books are @ His email: For actual documents sent out by Yahweh and myself internationally to various heads of government, dignitaries...You can email me @ Yahweh's most recent sites on YT: SwordofTruth3168 (also on Google); SwordofTruth888; TheMostRoyalManAlive; MrCapstoneProductions; Pamela Golightly Marshall (various info on my site, including other Saints, and information) also on Google); ChristisBack; StrawmanBurneth;YahwehortheHighway; AndrewHitchcock23; Anna Bat Asherah (also on Google); FijiTime; Weather War 101;TheGlobalHealingCenter; SuspiciousObservers; TheJonathanKleckChannel; CountdownBackUp-HenningKemmer; and more. Listen to;; (RJHenders is Isaiah reincarnated). YT- Akashic Records; also Dr. Brian Weiss YT and internet these 2 sites of information are about the truth of reincarnation. Gathering the Saints and Heavenly Angels incarnated, plus there are Angels in the Heavenly realm. There are more sites but Linked in doesn't let you message much. New constitutional government prepared to stand also videos on You Tube.

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Nicholas Stoodley interviewed by mark antony raines, ghostman

Nicholas Stoodley wrote:
Fr a smallish om  tropical island situated on the outer fringes of the Pacific Ring of Fire, I thank you for connecting with me on Linkedin....

I have recently published a new website based on the world's oldest system of divination named the I Ching. Created 5,000 years ago in Ancient China, Steve Jobs studied it for a year after quitting college and then I went ahead and cut it up, reconfigured it and basically rewrote it. But I knew exactly what I was doing.

If you want free answers to the problems in your life, they can be found at:

Best Wishes,


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Pinky alive interview by mark antony raines ghostman

--------------------  For the Love of our Environment, Bodies and Minds, and all Animals
What inspired me?
My awful experiences that I was face to face with. Coming at times facing the devil and other times fighting for life. With each experience it made me stronger and I never gave up on myself. Never say never. Say I can, I will, and make it happen.

What is my aim?
To spread my experience and knowledge to others. Whether it be someone looking to improve their health, someone needed a good kick in the tush with love, or making my Chemotherapy women feel beautiful while fighting for their lives and survival.

What Plans do I have for my future.
The past has good and evil memories. The presents is my gift and I live in the now which I'm proud of and content. The future is nothing concert. Except I know I'm going to be learning Spanish of Spain, my heritage, joined with a wonderful wig company for my wig styling and sales business, and fitting in as much inspiration to others that I can.

Sunday, 19 October 2014


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The website for the music of Judge Smith

Judge Smith, Songwriter, Composer and Performer, has been making innovative, unusual and entertaining music since the late '60s, when he co-founded the influential band
Van der Graaf Generator.

Judge SmithPhoto by, and courtesy of, Katie Vandyke

In addition to his work as a composer and recording artist, Judge is now also a published author, writing not about music, but on the subject of the paranormal, a subject in which he has long been interested.
Judge's 11th solo release is an album of songs, and only his third full-length collection of songs in twenty years. Featuring the spectacular arrangements and production of David Minnick, and some amazing American musicians, 'ZOOT SUIT' is perhaps Judge's most accessible and downright entertaining album to date.
'ZOOT SUIT' is available as a limited edition vinyl LP, released by specialist vinyl label 'Plane Groovy' on heavyweight white vinyl, numbered and signed.
Judge's third Songstory is a retelling of the ancient myth of Orpheus, the magical musician who travels to the Land of the Dead in search of the lost Eurydice; a remarkable story told with remarkable music, performed by seven separate ensembles, each playing an entirely different kind of music.
CD of Judge’s second Songstory; the absorbing tale of an English mountaineer in the Italian Alps, featuring Norwegian male-voice choir The Fløyen Voices and truly memorable music. Link to articles, reviews and free downloads.
A collaboration featuring Judge & American artist Steve Defoe, L-RAD present 'Long Range Audio Device', an outrageously strange and bizarre album that, once heard, is never forgotten.
The Tribal Elders, a new band with familiar faces, present a very special two-song CD Single, and the Elders have chosen to Rock.
An instrumental album of uniquely relaxing melodic music, composed in consultation with a professional masseuse. Ideal for massage, meditation or relaxation. Link to free downloads, article, and interview.
A DVD of a very special concert at Guastalla on 8th October 2005. Link to free downloads and illustrated article.
An 'un-plugged'-style album of Judge's unique and memorable songs. Link to lyrics, free downloads and illustrated article.
Judge's massive double-CD work of narrative rock music. This link takes you to, the extensive and acclaimed website for this extraordinary project. (Close the Curly site to return here.)
Judge's first solo studio CD. These tracks have been re-mastered by David Lord and are currently available, in this considerably improved form, as a download from the iTunes Store.
A collection of vintage demo tapes, including music and performances by Peter Hammill, Hugh Banton and David Jackson. This CD is no longer available.
Visit our Online Emporium to buy Judge's CDs, DVDs and merchandise. Buy instantly and reliably online, or by Mail Order. Our prices are keen, we dispatch quickly, and it’s ‘Post Free’ for the UK, so please support the Composer, and buy direct!
News about recent and forthcoming gigs, and record releases.

A short biographical note about Judge.

Our Gallery shows a unique collection of photos from every stage of Judge's career.

A list of Judge's music (albums, songs, stage musicals, chamber operas, classical libretti, large scale works and films).
An essay by Judge about the development of his narrative music technique ‘Songstory’.

Links to other web pages about Judge, and to web pages of people he worked with and more.

Visit our Guest book to leave messages there for all to see. (For private communications to Judge, wholesale Enquiries or problems with this site, use the 'Enquiries' link below.)
Sign-up to receive infrequent e-mail newsletters. We only write if something interesting's going on.

Questa pagina speciale in Italiano vi permette di acquistare i miei CD in Euro e senza utilizzare la vostra carta di credito on-line.

World’s most lethal spider found in Waitrose home delivery under a bunch of bananas

A Brazilian wandering spiderA family has spoken of the “traumatising” experience of finding the world’s most lethal spider in their south London home, which was delivered straight to their kitchen in a Waitrose home delivery.
Tim, a father-of-two who chose not to give his surname, told the Mail on Sunday that he discovered the deadly arachnid while unpacking the bananas from the delivery. Shocked, he dropped the fruit suddenly into a fruit bowl, managing to trap the spider by the leg in the process.
After identifying the Brazilian Wandering spider, whose venom is toxic to a person’s nervous system and can kill if an anti-venom is not administered in time, Tim and his wife called Waitrose for help.
Waitrose sent one of its staff members to the house, whereupon the family discovered the spider had torn off its own leg to escape and had disappeared, leaving behind a sac full of thousands of baby spiders.
Tim, his wife, and his two sons aged seven and eight, fled the house while the supermarket called a pest expert to find and trap the spider.
The expert killed the spider’s eggs by putting them in a freezer, and eventually found and trapped the spider in a plastic box, after a standoff in which the arachnid stood on its back legs and held its front legs straight in the air, exposing its fangs in an aggressive attack stance.
The spider was then put inside two more plastic boxes. Tim and his family told the paper they were “too traumatised to remain in the house” and spent the night with friends last week.
A Waitrose spokesman said: "The safety of our customers is our absolute priority.
"We did everything we could to look after our customer during what was a distressing incident and we've apologised to her personally.
"Although this is highly unusual, we're taking it very seriously and will be working with our supplier to minimise the risk of this happening in the future."
The Brazilian Wanderer is also known as a banana spider as it tends to hide in bunches of the fruit.
The Guinness Book of World Records has named it the most venomous spider in the world for possessing the most active neurotoxic venom of any living spider. An effective anti-venom is available in Brazil where the spider is found, and the record keeper claims that when deaths do occur, it is usually in children under the age of seven.  
A bite from the spider results in hours of pain, swelling, an increased heartbeat, increased salivation, paralysis and causes painful erections in men reportedly of up to four hours. Scientists have reportedly considered investigating the use of the deadly venom as a possible ingredient for drugs treating erectile dysfunction.

A article by jesse anson dawn

Jesse Anson Dawn Jessetheone wrote:
        Dear amazing GHOSTMAN RAINES, surely you are someone who realizes that the best kind of gift is, quite clearly, a resource that is good for a (lifetime))))). And to verify that truism, have an ((enlightening)) look at my latest book, The New Era of Consciousness, simply by typing Jesse Anson Dawn into the ( book-search window). Or to quickly see the 5-star reviews of this uniquely helpful book, click on its Amazon link:   
     NOTE: All of this book’s reviews are positively good, except for the [totally untrue and mean-spirited one] submitted by a [negative-bent] man simply called “Brent.”
      Actually, the most kindly positive comments have come from ((LINKED-IN members)). For example, this (truly unforgettable) email came from long-time LinkedIn member Wendy Padilla, an author and publisher who gratefully said this:
      Following that, this (vividly stated) email came from LinkedIn member, author and public speaker, Rosie Trakostanec, who kindly said this: 
     "Thank you Jesse! Your writing is inspiring and true, thanks for being an instrument of truth. BLESSINGS!”
     Yet another (gratefully positive) comment came from LinkedIn member, spiritually-gifted columnist, Greg Tharpe, who posted this potent review on the book’s page:
     “The New Era of Consciousness is a Godsend to help usher in a higher awareness and consciousness of human possibility. It is a book that all souls seeking healing and transformation should read.”
     (NOTE): My (LinkedIn Profile photo) is also featured with my (19-years-running) AWARENESS MAGAZINE (NEVER "OLD") COLUMN (a Los Angeles based printed and online publication) that keeps me in touch with over (200,000 READERS).
      Also, it’s on the back cover of my latest book, The New Era of Consciousness. This (very accurate, true-to-life photo) was taken on my 68th birthday, May 17, 2012.
      Amid humanity’s long evolution, there are those who arise as teachers, teachers in a TRUE sense, teachers who open our eyes to the divine powers of (perpetual life))), whereby we can GENUINELY learn to conquer disease and physical decay)))))))
      After researching over 40 years (amid 32 countries), studying and writing about the true -to-life powers of ((spirit-linked, self-healing)), I’ve discovered the vital frontiers of a subject that never ends....therefore, NOW AT 70 YEARS “OLD,” I GRATEFULLY SHARE THE BOOK I WAS ((BORN)) TO WRITE)))))))

Check out Elizabeth rose st

Elizabeth Rose wrote:
Check out my radio show at   Always looking for new guests... 
I do two shows.. Our Worlds on Saturdays and Dear Emmy on Thursdays

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Stephanie b-interviewed by mark antony raines -ghostman

what inspired me?
Well i have always been into the paranormal from a very very young age. You could round about the age of 5 when i had my first experience with a spirit in my mothers house and then after that i got it a lot. So you could say i have always had a passion for it :)

What are you aims?
My aims in the paranormal field is to try and do what everyone else in the field does and prove to sceptics that there is life after death and spirits/ghost do exist.

What plans do you have for the future?
I don't know my plans for the future to be honest. I take every day as it comes. Live life like its your last. And when it comes to paranormal investigating i will be doing it as long as i live :)

BBC digitises Radio Times back issues -

The Radio Times issues in the BBC Genome project include this 1965 issue
The Radio Times issues in the BBC Genome project include this 1965 issue featuring Doctor Who episode The Web Planet. Photograph: BBC
The BBC has launched a website where users can browse listings from every edition of Radio Times going back to 1923, after completing an ambitious project to digitise the TV and radio listings magazine.
BBC Genome allows users to search by programme, date or Radio Times edition, revealing a snapshot of the corporation’s schedule on any given day in its 91-year history – and a fascinating insight into changing social and cultural trends over nearly a century.
The listing for the first ever Blue Peter, broadcast on the 16 October 1958, runs: “Toys, model railways games, stories, cartoons. A new weekly programme for younger viewers with Christopher Trace and Leila Williams.”
On 22 November 1963, the day John F Kennedy was assassinated, BBC viewers may well have been watching Scottish medical drama Dr Finlay’s Casebook.
After breaking in to scheduled programming between 7pm and 8pm with brief reports that the president had been shot and then that he was dead, BBC executives decided to continue with the planned Friday night lineup, prompting a flood of complaints.
The BBC Genome project involved digitising 4,469 editions of Radio Times from 1923 to 2009, with information after that point collated from online programme records.
Digitisation of the Radio Times archive was completed last year but Thursday is the first time it will be available to the general public.
“The publication of the BBC Genome marks a significant step forward in helping us to open up more of the BBC’s vast and priceless archives to the public,” said Tony Ageh, controller of archive development.
Some of the listings records are inevitably inaccurate due to scheduled programming being scrapped to make way for coverge of major news events, such as the death of Princess Diana in August 1997.
There are also 11 weeks where there is no information when the Radio Times was not published, between 1926 and 1983, for reasons including printing disputes, the 1926 general strike and 1947 fuel crisis.
The BBC is aiming to update the records by allowing members of the public to click an “edit” button and submit information and suggest corrections.
“This information will be invaluable to anybody looking to discover more about the BBC and the wonderful and important broadcasts from years gone by and it will also be our first chance to invite them to help us establish where there are gaps in our information and knowledge about the breadth and depth of our enormous collections,” said Ageh.
The corporation will then begin to be able to match its stock of physical programmes with the BBC Genome records to find out what shows are missing.
“It is highly likely that somewhere out there, in lofts, sheds and basements across the world many of these ‘missing’ programmes will have been recorded and kept by generations of TV and radio fans,” said Hilary Bishop, editor, archive development, BBC Archive and Jake Berger, programme manager, Digital Public Space, in a blogpost. “So we’re hoping to use Genome as a way of bringing copies of those lost programmes back in to the BBC archives too.

Mark Anthony Raines of Holsworthy mark show is a guest on Monster Movie Night with Internet Horror Host Bobby Gammonster.

Mark Anthony Raines of Holsworthy mark show is a guest on Monster Movie Night with Internet Horror Host Bobby Gammonster. ...https://...