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Blondie - Maria (live @ Glastonbury 2014)

WEIRD WEEKEND 2014: Another Video from Mark

WEIRD WEEKEND 2014: Yet another video from Mark Raines


This is the nearest that you are ever going to get to a posh weekend colour supplement from the Gonzo Daily team. Each week we shall go through the best bits of the week before, and if there aren't any we shall make some up, or simply make our excuses and leave (you can tell the editor once did contract work at the News of the World can't ya?) This weekly magazine is free, and will remain so. It is published by GonZo Multimedia in conjunction with CFZ Publications, or is it the other way round? We’re actually not that sure. This is quite simply the best magazine you will ever find that is edited by a mad bloke (and his small orange cat), and produced from a tumbledown potato shed on the outskirts of a tiny village that nobody's heard of in North Devon. The fact that it is published with Gonzo Multimedia - probably the grooviest record company in the known universe - is merely an added bonus.


Charity YoungMinds sent a freedom of  information request to local authorites to see how much was spent on Child and Adolesent Mental Health Services.59/98 responded and said had cut or frozen budgets since 2010/11.This could lead to more people ending in crisis so stand up and try to make your voice heard.


B.B.C  programme Click is a tech programme that is a guide to latest  tech news and latest gadgets and with webscape has ideas and webstites to look at.-links if wish to reconmend a app or site -@bbcclick-Twitter


Had some unexpected vistors for the garden -2 Magpies-maybe nesting at woods at back of bungalow.Tried to film them but no luck ,repect to the hours wildlife cameraman do.Also my step-son-Shane found a dead baby bat -give a farewell and a pray.


Just a boring stalemate with England not taking advantage of shoots on goal.England ended bottom of the group with 1 point.Costa Rica-P3 W2 d1  L 0- 7 points,Uruguay P3 W2 D0 L1-Italy-P3 W1 D 0 L 2-England-P 3 W 0 L 2 D 1 not a great campaign and to top it all even U.S.A  got to next stage in World Cup.


Stonehenge -Sailsbury Plains  -attracted Driuds,Dancers,Drummers,Hippies young and old and numers this year were 37,000.All waiting for the Sun to rise for the longest day -yesterday-and only time of year that English Heitage allow access.Arch -Driud Rollo Maughfling conducted Sunset and Sunrise Ceremonies

Saturday, 21 June 2014


Mathias Schlitte has 14 International Arm Wrestling Titles.Which is unusual due to being born with a Gentic Defect-one arm biggeer than other-at present one is 18 inchs,hence artic
le referring to Popeye


Sat down to watch the match almost believing the hype.But as i began to watch we seemed to play at a slow pace  and dispite statics saying had more possion we were poor.Then Suarez went on to score 2 goals  to rooneys tap in 1.YES all over as of this post as Italy lose to Costa Rica sending as home and the reasonalling we are not a taem but a bunch of players who are in a team.


The man behind the voice of indestructible Captain Scarlet -Francis Matthew has died at the age of 86 after a long illness.He was also Paul Temple and in Hammer house Of Horror films-Captain Scarlet was one of my most watched puppet /ammated shows during my childhood who is know going to beat the Mysterons.


To me D J Casey Kasem was the voice of Shaggy in Scooby-Doo yet another well watched cartoon in childhood and today.He was U.S Radio Show American Top 40 huge in U.S.A-Enjoy your snack on way to haven

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Mark Raines plugs the CFZ Weird Weekend (August 15-18 2014)

WEIRD WEEKEND 2014: The Woolsery Dog asks Mark Raines what is happening


xtul-i did a spot on a song or was it a dream

The other day i was enjoying eating a new cheese with stotch bonnet peppers in .Afterwards  i started to feel weird and began to huliuate.I saw black shadowy figures with no faces carry me on a sudan to czf headquarters .Then a spider -like object was placed by my mouth ,words sopen in my ears in latin which i understood the shouted these words out.Later i awoke and informed enid -wife- of my dream she said it was due to hanging around weirdos.

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new way

well that see if this works as trying out wrindows live writer

014 FIFA World Cup™England Italy STATS

014 FIFA World Cup™
Full–time • Arena AmazĂ´nia, Manaus • Group D
1 – 2
  1. Timeline
  2. Match stats
  3. Lineups
Scoring summary
Team stats
Total shots
Shots on target
Possession (%)


Sometimes called a Strawberry Moon due to colour.In olden days cultures the Full Moon could send you mad and Luna is latin for Moon.If you fall asleep with the light of Full Moon in your face you may become a Werewolf.Since 1600s cattle theft and Dodgy deals happen.A British dog done 14 years ago found dog attackson humans double.Twelve is a divine number as it can be divided by 6,4,3,2,1 why we have 12 months so 13 was seen as akward and ungodly.Less raos accidents due to motorist taking more care.Since 1300 Friday was unlucky and superstition is in Chaucers Canterbury Tales.Believe it not but the calender was introduced by Pope Gregory XII(13)-400 year cycle and 13th of any month is more likely to be a Friday.Early Chirstians thought 13 unlucky due to Jesus and 12 Apostles at Last Supper


Yellow and Black Swallowtail Butterfly-common in Southern Europe ,eats carrots,fennal ,hogweed not  available  in U.K but climate is warming.12 sightings in 2014 but this one was eaten by a cat called Poppy.


A documentary  movie  called Virunga by SOCO campaigners.It shows workers from a British sub-contractor firm set to drill oil mocking the Mountain Gorillas at Virguna National Park ,Democratic Republic of the Congo,Africa .As the picture shows with words like its just a monkey who gives a fuck about the fucking monkey ,i am afraid to say this not the attitude
you expect for a endangered animal.UPDATE-S O C O have decided not to drill for oil at Virunga ,Africa after posts sparked ourage from World Wide Fund for Nature and Archbishop Desmond Tutu


Don,t be a female mosquito claim scientists as you carry  malaria.Scientists at Imperial College,London decided to mate 5 caged colonies with mosquitoes genetically modified only to be male -result 95 % of offspring were male and most colonies were eliminated within 6 generations.

Mark Raines plugs the CFZ Weird Weekend (August 15-18 2014)


What  is unusual about a Ukranian boy called Eugine Goostman passing the Turning Test at a event at University of Reading .Well the test is to see if people can detect if talking to a machine or a person-human.The test is a question and .answer game-Can Machines Think?.So far no other computer has passed under these conditions and as you may have guessed Eugine Goostman is a computer programme


When i  was younger I came across a new kind of comedy  in the form of The Young Ones with talking rats,plates ,slapstick even the odd band spot.It brought us characters like Rik -Anarchist-Neil-Hippie-Vyvyan-Punk-Mike-Cool but still to this day why he was in it as least funnest.To my step-son-Shane-Rik to him was Bottom form the stairs.Who could not forget Lord Flashheart i Blackadder not a main part but came in with a bang.So i say thank you with this post for making me laugh and seeing a bit of Rik form Young Ones in me.1981-A Kick Up The Eighties-as Kevin Turvey-1982-84-The Young Ones-1983-89 Blackadder -Mad Gerald in final episode in 1st series and later as Lord Flashheart-1987-Filthy Rich & Catflap-as Richie Rich-1987-92-The New Statesman as Alan Beresford B,stard-1991-95-Bottom as Richie Richard.

Sunday, 8 June 2014

GameOver Zeus: Removal, detection and how you can protect yourself

Internet users have two weeks to protect themselves against the GameOver Zeus and CryptoLocker viruses being used by criminal gangs to extort millions of pounds, US and UK security agencies announced on Monday.
The warning came after the FBI successfully disrupted a major cybercriminal network in the US from using the viruses to infect computers and steal data.
GameOver Zeus, also known as P2PZeuS, was designed by Russia and Ukrainian gangs to find and harness computer files that give access to banking and financial information, while Cryptolocker encrypts all files on a target’s computer and demands the user pays around £300 to unlock the file.
 Almost 250,000 computers worldwide have been infected with CryptoLocker since it emerged in April and it has so far been used to extort payments of more than $27m (£16m), according to the FBI.
Industry experts have been quick to back up the stern message from the National Crime Agency, whose advice to visit internet awareness group Get Safe Online's's website led to the site going down for 15 hours.
Below are some methods experts recommend to protect yourself from GameOver Zeus and CryptoLocker, and remove it if you suspect you computer is infected.
Protect your passwordsUnencrypted passwords should not be stored on your computer in case they are found by GameOver Zeus or another similarly aggressive malware programme, recommends Hugh Boyes, the head of the cyber security team at the Institution of Engineering and Technology's (IET).
“If there is a need to store passwords, then use a good password manager application, which backs up and shares with your smartphone or tablet computer.”
Recommended password apps include: PasswordBoxLastPass 3.0, and KeePass.
A woman uses her laptop in Istanbul.A woman uses her laptop in Istanbul.
Set up an 'administrator account' Boyes also recommends that computer users have two separate accounts on their Mac or PC. One standard account should be for day-to-day use, while an ‘administrator’ account is used to make changes to the machine, like installing software or adding a printer.
By not using the administrator account for browsing the web or accessing emails, computer users can protect themselves from 90 per cent of malware attacks.
Update your computer programmes - especially anti-virus softwareThe NCA has advised that people ensure their security software is installed and updated, and that they run scans. Users should also check that their computer operating systems and applications in general are up to date.
Microsoft users can do this by using the ‘Check for Updates’ function on Windows Update, while Mac users can choose go to ‘Software Update’ on the System Preferences menu.
Beware of suspicious emailsDo not open email attachments unless you are certain they are authentic. Potentially harmful emails generally have some or all of the following characteristics according the Get Safe Online:
- You don’t know the sender.
- The message contains misspellings (for example using a zero instead of an ‘o’) designed to fool spam filters.
- It makes an offer that seems too good to be true.
- The subject line and contents do not match.
- Contains an urgent offer end date (for example “Buy now and get 50% off”).
- Contains a request to forward an email to multiple people, and may offer money for doing so.
- Contains a virus warning.
- Contains attachments, which could include .exe files.
Change your passwordsYour original passwords may have been compromised by GameOver Zeus and CryptoLocker, and could be used to harvest any important information you store or access on your computer.
Back up your files All of your files, including photos and documents, should be regularly saved to an external piece of hardware, such as a USB stick or an external hard drive. This means it will not be lost if your computer is attacked, or if it breaks.
Remove virusesThe US Government has recommended a number of remediation tools which can be used to remove GameOver Zues.  These include: F-Secure (for Windows Vista, 7 and 8, or Windows XP), Heimdal (forMicrosoft Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 8.1), and Kaspersky if you fear your computer is infected

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You may not of heard of Theisa -( a planet),This is believed by researchers found from Lunar Rock brought back from the Moon.This event happened billions of years ago when Theisa  crashed into the Earth that formed the Moon as present theory due to cataclysmic collisi


Well the goverment are going to make  you pay 5 pence a plastic bag to help protect the earth.Now if it was 25-50 pence a bag and all monies went to good causes would be worth it.


If you are a blonde woman jogger in a park in Eltham,South-East London .Beware as you my get dive bombed by crows .This  happened to 5 such women over 10 days in 2010. British Trust  for Ornithology say that crows can be aggressive at this time of year as protecting young.


Ian Topham
Mysterious Britain & Ireland

What inspired your site?
I got involved in seriously investigating claims of the paranormal over twenty years ago, though I have been reading about and had an interest in hauntings etc for most of my life.  A couple of my friends had been making very brief notes on cases they came across in books and magazines, just a one line description with a reference note,  which they then indexed in a binder by county.  This work by Daniel Parkinson and Andy Griggs formed the initial backbone of the Mysterious Britain & Ireland website when Dan and I eventually started putting it together in the late 1990’s

Probably one the main influences for creating the site was ASSAP’s (Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena) Project Albion.  
 Albion has been likened to a Domesday book of the paranormal, attempting to record and map the full spectrum of anomalies, folklore and legends, past and present, within their geographical, as well as historical, context. 

So the basic idea for the site was to create a gazetteer, mapping the articles out county by county.  Our original articles were rather brief short pieces and the maps were not very detailed, but when the website was revamped in 2005 with a proper management system we were able to develop a database, cross reference articles and include detailed maps.  Copying everything over at that point took six months but it was worth it.

What are your aims?The aims of the website have not really changed since we set it up.  We are dedicated to furthering knowledge in local landscape mysteries, folklore, myths and legends. To provide a growing resource for Britain's myths, legends, mysterious phenomena, 'sacred' sites and strange events. To create a network of people interested in similar topics. To stimulate interest in folklore and legends and its connection to the landscape.
What plans do you have for the future? 
Hopefully more of the same.  We usually update the site several times each week and the English gazetteer alone now has over 1000 articles. I just wish I could write for the site full time, but I realise that we have undertaken a mammoth task and no matter how hard we try we will never manage to map out everything.  I just hope that what we do manage to do is helpful and entertaining for the readers.

We have also started mapping out sites of interest, events, folklore and legends relating to other countries which we will continue to do as I find it fascinating looking at similarities between British and foreign cases and folklore.

We don’t have any huge changes to the website lined up at the moment.  The forum is a little redundant at the moment and many of the readers are posting on out Facebook page instead, so we may close the forum to avoid having to police spammers.

We are open to ideas though and if anyone has an idea that would enhance the site the readers enjoyment of it please let me know.



A Short -Toed Eagle was seen at Morden Bog Nature Reserve near  Wareham,Dorset last weekend.It has a wingspan of 6 ft ,lives up to 30 years ,common in Central Europe .A rare sight as  official sightings-Isles of Scilly 1999-Jersey 2011.


Astronomers have a new class planet called (Mega-Earth).This planet is aobject with a hard surfece like Earth  but  much,much,larger.This is due to discovery of a planet 17 times the mass of earth.It is Kepler-10c and it orbits a satar 560 light-years away.


We now live in a world where being p.c is the thing to do.Its made comedy and us to tame to offend,i cannot understand why some words are not ok for some to sat but are mentioned in certain music.I  myself come from welsh gypsy blood and when younger people thought was gay how pc is that.


England here we goagain time fro another world cup and the hype begins and a nation expects .England are in Group D-England vs Italy-11.oo pm-Manaus-Arena Amazonia-June14-Urugray  vs England -Sao Paulo-Arena De Sao Paulo-8.00 pm-Costa  Rico vs England -Belo Horizonte -Estadio Mineiran -5. pm-June24.If we past the group stage ,possible it the last 16 whichis  knockout football.Will we win world cup as a englishman  i would like to say yes  but unsure  if not Brazil are a good bet -come on ENGLAND.

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How to defend yourself against the 'two-week' attack

Alarming news from the UK's National Crime Agency (NCA): you have "two weeks" to protect yourself from a major cyber-threat.
The warning came as the FBI, in partnership with authorities in several countries around the world, shut down a network of criminally operated computers that were stealing important information from victims' machines.
But since that announcement, which directed concerned users to a website which promptly crashed for more than 15 hours, many BBC readers have been in touch wondering what they need to do to stay safe on the internet. Here's an at-a-glance guide.
line break
Am I affected?
Rory Cellan-Jones reports on a "powerful computer attack", which people have two weeks to protect themselves from
If your computer does not run Windows, stop right here. This does not affect you - but other problems might, so always keep your antivirus up to date.
If you are using Windows, read on.
Gameover Zeus is a particularly nasty piece of malware - malicious software - that will fish around your computer for files that look like they may contain financial or other sensitive information. Once it finds them, it steals themread more


Here are my answers to the questions you sent me. Let me know if you need anything else. -Alex What inspired you? I was inspired to get into the paranormal by my fascination and fear of death. The idea that my consciousness will shut off and cease to exist when my physical body dies is a very unnerving thought. So, investigating, and trying to communicate with the dead is my attempt to prove to myself that there is some sort of survival or life after death. Upon entering into this community, I found that there were thousands of people searching for answers in the wrong places like reality television, when there are other fascinating groups and people who have come up with investigation methods that work well and have come up with theories of the paranormal that will blow their mind. Being able to be the bridge of understanding the unknown is inspiring enough in itself. What are your aims? My aims are to be as honest and genuine as I can be. If I can contribute something to help the field of paranormal research, whether it's bringing the community together or getting people to think twice about their evidence, experiences, and theories, then that is enough for me. What plans do you have for the future? I'm currently in the process of self-publishing my second book as well as a third book through a major publisher. I'm working on two paranormal radio shows at the moment and a third, being a paranormal-related podcast that will be published weekly. My plan is to continuing doing that as well as give talks at different conferences and consult with other teams who may need assistance or a second opinion on a case

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Elvis Presley dental crown 'goes missing' during tour

Dental mould and crownA dental crown worn by Elvis Presley went astray during a tour to raise awareness of mouth cancer, leaving members of a dental practice "all shook up".
"The King's Crown" was due to arrive at Bracknell's Appledore Dental Clinic early on Thursday, but arrived more than five hours late after a labelling mix-up by FedEx, the practice claimed.
It was located on its way to Dundee before being redirected.
FedEx apologised for the inconvenience.READ MORE

Women's FA Cup final: Arsenal beat Everton to retain trophy

Shelley Kerr's 16 months as Arsenal manager ended on a triumphant note as the Gunners eased to a 2-0 win against Everton in a one-sided FA Cup final.
Striker Kelly Smith scored an early opener before setting up Yukari Kinga to seal the victory on the hour mark.
Kerr resigned a week ago with her team bottom of the Women's Super League.
However, they looked anything but relegation candidates as they avenged their 2010 final defeat by the Toffees to lift the trophy for the 13th time.

Arsenal's success story

Arsenal Ladies are the most successful women's club in England and have now won 41 major trophies since they were formed in 1987. Their record reads:
1x Uefa Champions League
2x FA Super League
12x FA Premier League
13x FA Women's Cup
3x FA WSL Continental Cup
10x FA Women's Premier League Cup
Kerr quit last Sunday in response to the Gunners' poor start to the season - they have lost three of their opening four league games and are bottom of the table with a solitary point.
But she opted to stay on for this match at Stadium MK as Arsenal looked to add to a tally of 40 major trophies since they were formed 27 years ago.
They entered the match as favourites, in no small part because of their impressive record of 12 victories from their previous 13 appearances in this fixture.
And the Gunners, league title winners in nine of the past 10 seasons, began in suitably confident fashion in front of a crowd of just over 15,000 fans in Milton Keynes.
Everton - just a point and a place above Arsenal after a similarly sluggish start to the campaign - did have an early sight of goal through striker Nikita Parris, who shot over after just 25 seconds, but the Toffees were quickly having to defend as Arsenal started to dominate.READ MORE PROGRAMME CONTAINS INFO ABOUT BATS

Mark Anthony Raines of Holsworthy mark show is a guest on Monster Movie Night with Internet Horror Host Bobby Gammonster.

Mark Anthony Raines of Holsworthy mark show is a guest on Monster Movie Night with Internet Horror Host Bobby Gammonster. ...https://...