Saturday, 3 May 2014


The thing that inspired me was the quest for knowledge, to touch just a hint of understanding of what we often call the unknown. I approach Cryptozoology differently than allot of others,I'm more of a person who doesn't try to figure out what the creature is but why it is there. Everything in Nature has a reason for what it does and where it is and if you can figure that out it gives you a starting point to start looking.It also allows you to find out. My Aims are to discover as much as possible about these animals. where they live and why they live there. I would like to get a scientific team together for greater study of the phenomena and the equipment I so desperately need but no one funds fringe science. I have two books in the offing as there have been none written exclusively on New Zealand Cryptids and people ask for articles, blogs and other extras which keep me busy.what kind of organism you are dealing possibly for the future - The books are a high priority and the NZ CFZ has gone into collaboration with Auckland Paranormal on a consolatory capacity, so that should bring some interesting developments.And the research and articles continue on.....

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