Saturday, 31 May 2014


M ,E and S moved to Wool expecting it to be the last one.At first it seemed the usual quiet devon village but one day when E and the hired help went to plant scrubs in the garden the angry P neighbour came to the fence spitting venom and breathing fire saying scrubs  were trees .E went inside-panic attack due to stress later  on the same day the otter association said a complaint  from P to say trees by fence and offered not much help.To add to the problems the dog -a crazy friendly soul,barks at cat in greenhouse -not uncommon for a dog to hate cats.Anyway P and MR P  keep giving S evil stares and shout at dog to shut up ,when otter informed told E,M,S to grow up.Now E,M,S  are becoming stressed and wish to move from Wool ,noone else in Wool is like this all o.k with them.This is  a true tale only the innocent will overcome it up to you the reader to what you think.

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