Saturday, 17 May 2014


Whilst drinking your water do you wonder what it contains.Well The Drinking Inspectorate found tiny amounts of Cocaine at 4 sites and also Ibuprofen,Carbamazepine-epilepsy drug-Caffeine.But if thats not enough the following can also be found-Chlorine-to kill bacteria,if taste use a carbon filter or leave water on for 30 minutes and wait to evaporate Chlorine.  Fluoride-to protect teeth against decay.  Lead- banned in 70,s but older homes still have lead pipes even a tiny amount  is a danger to health. Calcium-natural  especially in hard water. Bacteria - water treatment normal to kill  off germs but some worry about Myco-Bacterium Par tuberculosis-link to Crohns Disease-so enjoy your drink of water now.

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