Sunday, 9 March 2014

RICHARD FREEMAN: interviewed by Mark Antony Raines

I was inspired by the 1970's Doctor Who with Jon Pertwee. It was set on earth so the monsters were more immediate and scary: super intelligent dinosaurs waking up from hibernation in Derbyshire caves and under the sea, giant, toxic maggots on Welsh slag heaps, disembodied aliens possessing plastic toys and dummies.

My aims are to investigate cryptids, prove that they exist and get them legally protected. I also want to kick science out of the rut it is currently in and encourage a more Victorian ethos of exploration and discovery (without killing!). I'm hoping to return to:

Tasmania to continue the search for the Thylacine
Sumatra to search for the orang-pendek
Mongolia to search for the deathworm
Russia to search for the almasty
India to search for the yeti

And also to search for the Japanese wolf, the man-eating lake monsters of Siberia, and the lake monsters of China, Tibet and Japan.

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