Wednesday, 12 March 2014

EMMA OSBORNE: Interviewed by Mark Antony Raines

I have always had a keen interest in the paranormal, and the strange and mysterious, including cryptozoology.  My mum and I used to watch programmes on the TV and read books etc., and loved talking about the subject. When I met Matt he introduced me to Jon and things went from there.  I asked if I could help,  and hopefully I have been helping ever since. I am constantly learning new things and I like the fact I am helping people.

Plans for the future? To help Jon as much as I can regarding the CFZ and help others within the organisation to achieve things too. Jon won't be able to continue this forever,  but I am hoping however that the CFZ and the Weird Weekend will be his legacy and people will still come to the event, making it bigger and better each year.

On a personal note, my grandmother inspired me; she was a lovely kind lady, who would help others even to the detriment of herself. She would always go that extra mile to be there for someone if they needed it and she never turned anyone away; if someone needed food she feed them etc. Many people tell me I am a lot like her and her mother, my great grandmother. 

I have spoken to Jon about this many times. I see and feel things not of this world, apparently its seems it runs in the women's side of the family and after researching my family tree I have discovered I am Roma Gypsy. I have been able to see and feel this way ever since I can remember. I do not boast about this or tell many people but Jon was the first person outside my family who didn't think I was making it up.

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