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Clip from Louis Theroux,s l.a stories-city of dogs-bbc 2


Suder a 14 year old elephant is still in chains despite a claim by Sir Paul McCartney  that he would help save it.A video has emerged showing the elephant battered and in pain from a wooden stave.6 years ago  a order of the Indian high court via pressure  Sir Paul McCartney was thought to set uder free.PETA are the ones who found  Sunder still in the same place KILHAPYR,SOUTH MUMBAI still being ill treated.WWW.THESUN.CO.UK FOR VIDEO.


Words from the back of St. Christopher   worn every day, source unknown.It's not just what  you, ve done for me that makes me love you so, It's all the joy you are the friend me,I,ve come to know. If I thought for the day I would say the first line relates to your love for your partner,family, animals in your life. The second line can be seen in2 ways  the friend you wish to be to others or what their friendship means to you as there can see through your faults and likes the person you are.

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I think what inspired me to write first of all was just a combination of being inspired by the first Weird Weekend I ever went to, and from my parents and my school at that time encouraging me to improve and hone my writing skills. That and back when I started writing for the blog I didn't have a whole lot to do in my spare time, so it became a fun hobby. With regards to when I wrote Left Behind- well, that was quite obviously influenced by the fact I suddenly found myself quite deeply entrenched in comic book culture! My aims are to generally get better at writing, and hopefully gain enough skills to eventually start writing as a hobby again, but since I started work on my GCSEs at school I haven't found enough time to do so. I don't think I have any other goals apart from that. When I do write, I tend to just sit down and bash my ideas out with no actual regard to the consequences. In the future I am determined to eventually get another book out. I can't promise when, because I have no idea when the inspiration will hit and when/if I will have the time to do so! I would also like to start up with contributing to the blog again, especially with my years of employment and higher education looming ahead. It would probably be a good idea to get as much writing done as possible before then- not only would it relieve the stress of having to work and write at the same time, but it would certainly be an attractive prospect for future employers to consider. But for now, I think I will just settle on slowly improving my skills with a mixture of fanfiction, coursework and intense reading sessions: all for that one fateful day when I do finally release another book. Harry Beekeeper Bondevik 19:43 Harry Beekeeper Bondevik is that all good enough? also would it be too much to ask if you referred to me as harry for the blog? it's just a preferred nickname thank you

Dog disease could be boon for human medicine

Texas is a very energetic, smart and playful German shepherd dog. "He always tries his best to please me," said his owner Helene B├Ąckman.
But when Texas was six months old, Helene noticed that he started to behave unusually.
TexasHe started to jump and bite the air repeatedly.
"It´s like he sees something. He jumps and when he´s biting, he bites hard," she said.
"You can hear his teeth against each other.
"He can do this for hours and he gets more and more stressed when he´s doing it. He never rests between jumps."
The reason for Texas' unusual behaviour? Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD).
OCD is well described in humans and the dog version of the disease presents with similar repetitive behaviours.
Whereas people might wash their hands mread moreultiple times or hoard obje

Houdini cat: Meet Chamallow, the feline escape artist

  a read morevet has renamed one animal in his care ‘the king of escape’, in a nod to the feline’s ability to break free from any cage in the practice.

Adopted cat Chamallow simply refused to be held captive, causing havoc for staff at a Marseille veterinary clinic in France.
Staff at the veterinary practice had been baffled as to how their adopted cat broke free from its cage every night, until they placed a camera in front of him one evening.
Footage shows Chamallow breaking free with ease from two cages – although he has perfected his skills as an escape artist on many more

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Shaun Histed-Todd Photographer at Photographer, Illustrator at Freelance Illustrator and Manager at BY MARK ANTONY RAINES

Hi Mark
Sorry its taken me so long to get this back to you. I have too many chores and not enough time :P
ok here's my answers hope they are ok.  Cheers

What inspires me ?

A: I find inspiration from many sources, Music - Nature - History - Politics - the supernatural. I'm always searching for something new.

What are my Aims ?

A: I always aim to be successful at what i'm doing or at least give it my best shot. With Wicked Spins Radio my aim are to make it the best online radio station for alternative music, catering for as many alternative genres we can bring in. With my art and photography i'm always aiming for a challenge.

What plans do I have for the future ?

A: I plan to enjoy life to the full - put on more live events for the radio station - meet plenty of interesting people - visit ancient sites especially places like Puma Punka in Peru. Erm   save the world from the corruption and war mongering of the elite ( Ok that last bit is fantasy lol) 


I sometimes get like a pressure pot, tension builds up and my brain  goes into overdrive. This comes out in 2 ways -I get manic and will go over the top I send over 10 emails to the same person, the other is i get in a rage like the Hulk, but don, t turns green or gain muscle. Just start slamming doors, feel like hitting walls, no I have never hit a person but have pushed a person into railings with spikes on and throw an axe at someone.This scares my wife and anyone else as i think most of the time i am laid back and glad to say does not happen a lot so i can say is sorry,mark.


A rare BOTTLENOSED DOLPHIN was seen at MILLBROOK LAKE NEAR TORPOINT.CAMELS HEAD SPECIALIST RESCUE TEAM and firefighters from Greenbank and trained BRITISH DIVERS MARINE RESCUE  all  tried to rescue the dolphin from mud flats using mud mats, but despite all their efforts the dolphin died.This decision was taken after a vet thought it was more humane.A sad event, only 8 to 12 BOTTLENOSED DOLPHIN are thought to be living off the south west coast.


After a study over 3 years by N.A.S.A messenger spacecraft, scientists have found the planet MERCURY is shrinking as it cools.4 miles in diameter over 4 billion years the discovery was made by mapping the faults and ridges which showed tell-tell signs of contraction.MERCURY has only 1 plate  compared to EARTHS several.

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Hi mark.
I think mine might be a bit boring but you are welcome to use it if you want.
tabitca aka lindsay xx
what inspired you?
My father bought me a book about Loch Ness  after seeing something in the newspaper. Then I went to Loch Ness in the late sixties and early seventies as a teenager. After that I was hooked. I went regularly to the Loch  met the likes of Tim Dinsdale, Robert Rines and Frank Searle. I once gave up my job and lived up there for 2 years . I had two sightings in 40 years but what they were ,whether they were a real animal or an illusion caused by the place itself I couldn’t say. I also went to Canada  hunting the Sasquatch (bigfoot) and various other places over the years looking for cryptids. My last visit to Loch Ness was in 2005 before I got ill. I am inspired by being a  seeker for the truth and by the persistent of sightings, and the courage of other cryptozoologists ,who keep going in the face of opinion and being derided for their beliefs. I think most academics, even retired ones, like to research and something unusual is exciting
what are your aims?
Unfortunately I am now house bound due to ill health but I have a website : where I post news and discoveries and sometimes write posts about different cryptids hoping to that it helps a younger generation get an interest. I also write novels about cryptids and a bit of magic and mystery  and horror thrown in. CFZ have published the first two. Dark Ness and Dark Wear. Again I hope it may spark interest and people may want to research and go look for themselves. If I get one person interested enough to spend the next 30 or 40  years looking for cryptids I would die a happy woman.
what plans do you have for the future?
I keep  writing more novels and posting on the blog .It gets harder as my health deteriorates. I did manage to get  a bit of research done on the Galloway Puma and got  someone to give me the photo they had of a large footprint that got posted on CFZ blog . I would like to try and do a non fiction book about cryptozoology as I have amassed quite a bit of information over the years. If something I write or post inspires someone else to start looking,then the future of cryptozoology is secure and that is all I wish for as I slide towards the grave. I will probably haunt all those who derided cryptozoology so you have been warned Winking smile

robbie and rubyplaying in my back garden


1 in 33 britsh men are relaed to scandinavian warriors the Vikings due to a y chromosomes of 3,500 u.k men with norsemen d.n.a patt erns to find scientists researched thier bloodlines.Shetland Islandrs 25.2% can cliam viking bloodlines,southwest-1.6%-wales a lowly 1%.

CFZ - Centre for Fortean Zoology

Yes sounds like a cult but is a group set up by Jonathan Downes for the interest of cryptozoology,no not all long haired with big beards  ex-hippies  listrening to prog rock,drinking and smoking a certain relaxing herb.Its a set of people with various beliefs and inerests in subjects normally poopooed by normal media and science.It  aims to help people through  helping them to learn and encourage to find out more,i admit  a bit of a promo as i am a researcher/helper/bloger and in fuure learning how to edit and use a film camera for c.f.z.We all need a sense of belonging and taht what if gives me-big promo time
Tickets for the 2013 event are now on sale at a special discount price of £20 if you buy in advance. Don't be square, be there. now as tickets go fast.


My love for weightlifting started over 30 years ago ,i found a local gym in southend -on-sea,essex called Phyical City -no longer exists.When i first started training it was only doing curcuit training untill the owner-Peewee -yes his real name who was about 22 stone plus and well bulit said why not do weightlifting/bodybuilding.I went 4 times a week and started at the bottom and even entered a powerlifting contest-came last in 1987.Anyway to cut a long story short i left essex in 1988 and when i moved to bude in around 2012 after various places inbetween me and shane-my stepson found a local gym i thought i would see ifi could stiil do gym work dispite disabilities,i meet the owner of the gym who after a chat and a free half an hour said it was ok.And fof that short time i again started at the bottom and managed to get up to a deadlift of 245pouds times 2 which is not bad as in my younger days i got up to 330 pounds.Yes t still do some very basic weightlifting to keep my body going due to my disabilities.


My interest in martial arts was ingnited by 3 things -Bruce Lee -once saw all his films in a all night film night at local southend -on sea cinema,kung -fu the t.v series nade in the 70,s,the way of the warrior a t.v documentry in which a 80 year old man knocked a man to the ground using only one finger.What about Aikido it was a course on offer at woolsery community hall,woolsery,devon run by HUW COLLINGBOURNE.I wanted to learn a martial art so that how i tried this one out and learnt the mind is a powerful weapon,i enjoyed going for 2 months  as it stopped due to the aikido club being offered  to set up a dojo at Bucks Mills,Devon.I was unable to go to bucks mills due to no transportv and course started at 7.00pm and to shame the local woolsey villagers i was the only one that went down to the hall .

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NICK REDFERN: Interviewed by Mark Antony Raines

As for inspiration, much of it came from my dad. He was a radar mechanic in the British Royal Air Force and was involved in a couple of radar-based UFO incidents in September 1952, at an English RAF base called Neatishead. The radar guys tracked a number of unknown targets over 3 days, none of which were ever identified. My dad told me the story when I was about 13 or 14 and that is what got me interested and on the trail of the UFO mystery. 

As for my aims, it's pretty much the same with everything I research, whether it's UFOs or my other big interest Cryptozoology. My aim is to try and uncover the truth about whatever I investigate, and I investigate it to the best of my ability. I'm not interested in upholding belief-systems. I have no interest in A-Z of everything to do with zombies, in movies, books, history, legend, folklore, television shows - and maybe in reality, too! upholding belief-systems. I have no interest in proving this theory or that theory. I just go where the data takes me. 

As for the future, I have a new book out in June called "Close Encounters of the Fatal Kind," which is all about mysterious and suspicious deaths in the field of Ufology. Then in September, me and Brad Steiger will have a co-written book out titled "The Zombie Book." It's an A-Z of everything to do with zombies, in movies, books,

EMMA OSBORNE: Interviewed by Mark Antony Raines

I have always had a keen interest in the paranormal, and the strange and mysterious, including cryptozoology.  My mum and I used to watch programmes on the TV and read books etc., and loved talking about the subject. When I met Matt he introduced me to Jon and things went from there.  I asked if I could help,  and hopefully I have been helping ever since. I am constantly learning new things and I like the fact I am helping people.

Plans for the future? To help Jon as much as I can regarding the CFZ and help others within the organisation to achieve things too. Jon won't be able to continue this forever,  but I am hoping however that the CFZ and the Weird Weekend will be his legacy and people will still come to the event, making it bigger and better each year.

On a personal note, my grandmother inspired me; she was a lovely kind lady, who would help others even to the detriment of herself. She would always go that extra mile to be there for someone if they needed it and she never turned anyone away; if someone needed food she feed them etc. Many people tell me I am a lot like her and her mother, my great grandmother. 

I have spoken to Jon about this many times. I see and feel things not of this world, apparently its seems it runs in the women's side of the family and after researching my family tree I have discovered I am Roma Gypsy. I have been able to see and feel this way ever since I can remember. I do not boast about this or tell many people but Jon was the first person outside my family who didn't think I was making it up.

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Two events inspired me in my life the first being the death of my dad it made me think what have I done with my life.The second being meeting Jonathan Downes at the C.F.Z. Through helping him at the CFZ, I was inspired to write, draw and regain some of the light in my life.


My aims are simple. I like to research about various subjects for my blogs than write, post, find or make a video that at least one person will like.


I  am hoping to do a small talk at the annual C.F.Z event, The Weird Weekend in Woolsery, Devon between the 15the and 17th August 2014. To carry on doing my blogs, cartoons and at least hope I will inspire someone one day. Not bad for an ex-Essex lad; disabled, with mental health issues,overweight and yes a bit boring old fart.

Woman gets slapped in the face by a whale

RICHARD FREEMAN: interviewed by Mark Antony Raines

I was inspired by the 1970's Doctor Who with Jon Pertwee. It was set on earth so the monsters were more immediate and scary: super intelligent dinosaurs waking up from hibernation in Derbyshire caves and under the sea, giant, toxic maggots on Welsh slag heaps, disembodied aliens possessing plastic toys and dummies.

My aims are to investigate cryptids, prove that they exist and get them legally protected. I also want to kick science out of the rut it is currently in and encourage a more Victorian ethos of exploration and discovery (without killing!). I'm hoping to return to:

Tasmania to continue the search for the Thylacine
Sumatra to search for the orang-pendek
Mongolia to search for the deathworm
Russia to search for the almasty
India to search for the yeti

And also to search for the Japanese wolf, the man-eating lake monsters of Siberia, and the lake monsters of China, Tibet and Japan.

HUW COLLINGBOURNE: Interviewed by Mark Antony Raines

What inspired you? 

People who never give up inspire me. If you have an ambition, you should never give up until you've achieved it. And I am inspired by originality. If you do something original and fail, it's better than doing something that's just the same as everyone else and succeeding. I am a writer and aikido teacher. I am inspired by writers who are unique - whose works cannot be mistaken for someone else's. Favourite writers include: P G Wodehouse, Thomas Hardy, John Rechy and Philip K Dick. As an aikido teacher, I am inspired by people who slog away year after year, no matter how hard it seems or how slow their progress. The secret is to never give up.

What plans do you have for the future? 

Later in the year I will be teaching a special seminar (with another teacher) to introduce more people to aikido. See my blog to keep up to date with the latest news: Apart from that, my main plans are to do more fiction writing. I've spent most of my adult life writing for magazines . From now on, I want to write stories and novels.

What are your aims? 

As a writer, I just keep on writing. I am currently working on a novel set in the Victorian period. This is something new for me. Researching the 19th Century is interesting and fun. As an aikido teacher, I want to teach more people the power, joy and elegance of this wonderful martial art:

Planet X,’ The Mysterious Planet Beyond Pluto, Is Nowhere To Be Found In NASA’s WISE Survey

Those hoping to replace Pluto with a new planet may be disappointed with news about the hypothetical “Planet X.” The gas giant looming in the outer reaches of our solar system was nowhere to be found as NASA’s Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer observed millions of objects but no sign of Planet X.
According to NASA, new analysis of the WISE data didn't turn up any evidence of Planet X. The research, published in the Astrophysical Journal, was unable to observe a Saturn-size planet, or larger, 10,000 astronomical units away and no Jupiter-size planet, or larger, 26,000 au. An astronomical unit is the distance between the earth and the sun, 93 million miles.
Planet X, or Tyche, is a hypothetical gas giant, up to four times larger than Jupiter, that could be found in the Oort Cloud and affecting the orbits of comets. Two University of Louisana at Lafayette physics professors, John Matese and Daniel Whitmire, are credited as the researchers behind the theoretical planet. When news of their research began getting plenty of mainstream attention in 2011, it was met with plenty of more

Stonehenge 'may have been giant musical instrument'

Stonehenge may have been used as a giant musical instrument, according to a study.
Researchers from the Royal College of Art discovered that the central Blue Stones, which originated in South Wales, had musical tones when struck.
The theory could explain why the stones were arranged in a circle - so the sound would resonate.
Paul Devereux, who part led the study, told BBC Radio 5 live's Drive: "We do know such rocks were deemed very important in other parts of the ancient more

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JESSICA TAYLOR: interviewed by Mark Antony Raines

Well the work that Jon does inspired me as I have a very strong love of animals (all species) and having this experience with Jon has helped me get into college and further work placements. It also gave me a much wider knowledge of animals as I've learnt about different species

Webcam video from March 8, 2014 2:13 PM-GHOSTMANTALKS CRAP

The Return


Artist's impression of Torvosaurus gurneyiTorvosaurus gurneyi, the name of a new dinosauar spiecies believed to have been the largest land predator in europe discovered.LIVED 150 MILLION YEARS AGO,33FT LONG WEIGHT 5 TONS,4IN TEETH.



Yet again i have found an example of how animals are treated cruely.This time the animals are monkeys and here are some facts -9,000 monkeys are kept as pet sin u.k,a squirrel monkey can fetch 4,250 pounds,the most popular breed the marmoset sells around 1,000 pounds,there were 497 calls concerning 896 primates being traded as pets  between 2003-2013.Here are 2 tales - charlie the squirrel monkey lived in miserable existance in a tiny bird cage in an office he was underweight when removed and now lives at monkey world ,dorset,the owner was banned from keeping all animals for 2 years and prosecuted.Milo the marmoset when rescued was a quarter of his weight due to only being feed fruit - normal diet is also nuts seed ,protein,he was even took to the pub ,the owner was banned from keeping all animals for life.Wild futures-animal charity are trying to push for changes to legislation and i agree ,the 2 photos above of  milo  charlie which i hope puts you off buying monkeys as pets.


A rare sunfish caught in 1877 in ex estuary waas x-rayed at the royal devon and exeter hospital,devon.This was due to a large piece of wire inserted and the royal alert mermorial  muesuem and art gallery,exeter in order to  conserve the specimen.When the wire was  found it can be carefully be removed at sunfifh -mora mora-is found in tropical and temperate oceans and in 1877 very rare although the species can be found off south west coast posibly due to climate change.

EMILY TAYLOR: interviewed by Mark Antony Raines

I've always enjoyed learning about, and love animals. 

Since Jon and the crew are involved in all of that, I wanted to help out in some way. I helped with the making of Jon's film about wild big cats around the countryside as well as helping him with other little bits of voice overs et. 

I've already moved on and got a job, but learning what I did has always been useful. What I continue to learn from my visits to the CFZ I am sure will always be useful and interesting. 

To be honest I haven't really thought about my plans for the future I tend to take each day or week as it comes. It all depends on what life leads me too.

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CARL MARSHALL: interviewed by Mark Antony Raines

I would have to say the biggest inspiration to me is my father, as it is he who first inspired me as a child to develop an interest in the animal kingdom - my father was a Taxidermist for 50 years and is a brilliant naturalist, and even as an adult he consistently amazes me with what he knows, often informing me of something I was previously unaware of - usually something ornithogical.  As for my interest in Cryptozoology I would have to say it was reading the works of Bernard Heuvelmans, Karl Shuker and then later,  Jonathan Downes.

My long term aims are to continue working in zoology at Stratford upon Avon Butterfly Farm and to continue my travels searching  for species of interest, and to seek out and document any cryptozoological reports along the way. 

After my next Borneo expedition in November - investigating claims of 10 metre+ reticulated pythons, I will be seriously considering trips to both Sumatra - mainly in search of its "forgotten Ape",  the orang pendek -and to Tazmania for any credible evidence of surviving thylacines.

Webcam video from March 5, 2014 2:23 PM-ghostmmantalkscrap

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Webcam video from March 2, 2014 7:27 PM-SHOWS HIS PEKES

Daktari: The Complete First Season (Preview Clip)


Why such a stupid name as ghostmanraines well is due  to the fact that people treat you as aghost by pretending not to see you.Also if you look carefully at my facebook personna ghostmanraines you will see mar in it which kis my real name mark antony raines-mum like richard burton in cleoparta-anyway at least it makes you amile and think who is this idiot,that being me,plus if you meet me you maybe taken aback due to my tattooos,earrings and a crutch which makes you stand out a bit ,thats the end of this post as i can be boring you to sleep by now.


Yet again a  goverment -liensed animal centre is killing pupies as young as 4 weeks old.The British Union For Abolition Of Vivisection(B.U.A.V) believe it in the public interest to highlight.The Home Office as usual denys all -Should All Animal Experiments Be Banned-YES.If you wish to see more of story -Sunday Express ,march2,2014-page 6-7 and see clips of B.U.A.V at SUNDAYEXPRESS.CO.UK

Saturday, 1 March 2014


If  you  a dog owner please read this post about a mystery illness tahat at least 19 dogs have suffered agonising deaths whithin 2-5 days of contracting disease.What to lok for -unexplained cuts,ulcers,bruising ,blisters usually on the leg,between the toes,or on the head.Vomiting,los of apperetite,mucus,blood,acting depressed,cold limbs,runny nose,signs of kidney failure.the beast advive is to visit a vet immediately if woried.

Webcam video from March 1, 2014 3:53 PM-GHOSTMAN TALKS CRAP


WELFARE CHARITY-THE DONKEY SANCTUARY had to rescue 13 donkeys.A mare and foal and a group of stallions all underweight and in atrocious conditions their now reside in the sanctuary.please support.


It is sad to see this article that due to the usage of palm oil in head and shoulders shampoo,shaving cream is putting ORANGUTAN, S, SUMATRAN TIGERS at risk. This is from a GREENPEACE investigation into INDONESIAN RAINFOREST.The companies bwplantation,klk,musim MAs are also mentioned in report.Head and shoulders company proctor and gamble (its palm oil will be sustainably sourced by next year.)


Unlike most dogs 14 years old ASH-PEDIGEE LABRADOR uses a specially adapted chariot to enjoy exercise. 3 years ago ASH  was diagnosed with SPONDYLIT-type of chronic condition which affects the spine, chronic including the bones, muscles and ligaments. It is good to see that his
disabilities have not affected his life.

DALE DRINN0N: interviewed by Mark Antony Raines


Actually I was one of the lucky ones, while I was still in elementary school the local library had both Ivan Sanderson's Abominable Snowmen: Legend Come to Life and Tim Dinsdale's Loch Ness Monster both on the shelf and close to one another. My High school library had Heuvelmans' On the track of Unknown Animals as well as several of the source books that Heuvelmans had used and which I could check back on. I grew up in an atmosphere both of accepting such matters and treating them seriously. While I was still in High School I started writing letters to Ivan T Sanderson and he invited me to join the SITU. That was just before he died, and I made several trips to the original SITU Headquarters just after he had died.I basically never had any aims in Cryptozoology beyond letting my voice be heard and my opinions known. I have not had any published books, everything is on the blog still, and it is completely non profit. I have never made a dime out of Cryptozoology and I never intend to. I would advise young people to find some alternate means of income and pursue Cryptozoology as a sideline rather than as a way to make a lot of money, because nobody is ever going to be making a lot of money out of it and continue to remain honest and with a good reputation. For the future, that is rather uncertain because I am finding other more pressing matters are taking up more of my time: animal rights, conservative measures, Environmental activism and political campaigning to have the current destructive system removed. The world is at a perilous point in time and people are going to have to act decisively if they want to keep on living on it. I like Cryptozoology but its not going to save the world.Number 


In a very real sense Cryptozoology is an outgrowth of the media and the media shapes not only the publi's perception but also the field of Cryptozoology itself, the definitions and categories it uses, and governs how the public thinks of them. Virtually every Cryptid category exists as it was defined by journalists and named by names given by Journalists. They are largely arbitrary and largely misleading. A term such as "Yeti" as used in Cryptozoology has a certain specific meaning which was given to it by Journalists and this does not reflect the Native use of the term at all. Virtually all major Cryptid categories are composites and contain many subcategories of sightings and many equivalent subcategories of sightings from other locations. This can cover many thousands of individual original traditions in the case of something like the Bigfoot, but the categories themselves are prone to collect data which describes different things and which does not belong together. The goal should be to define the categories in terms of Biological species (species specifically and no other category really counts) but the Cryptid categories are not equivalent to actual Linnean species in mant cases. You have different Cryptid categories which contain the same species and then again the larger categories which contain multiple unrelated species in reports that are grouped together. Journalists are largely responsible for the situation. This also makes the entire field awkward in a Scientific sense because when you are confronted with such things they cannot be either wholly confirmed nor wholly denied Scientifically. You cannot say any one category is ever proven or disproven because all of them contain information that is partly real and partly unreal. So the end result is that you have to re-evaluate absolutely everything and pick everything to pieces in pursuit of your real goal, which always should be to determine if you are dealing with any new species unknown to science.For the most part most Cryptozoologists are NOT dealing in Cryptozoology: they are dealing with individuals of species already known to science. And then the new uncatalogued forms included can be only a little different from known species or they can be more different to greater or lesser degrees. It is difficult making any blanket statements about Cryptid categories because the people that generally deal with such matters most often overlook such things. Most Journalists are not Biologists and they tend to make a bigger deal out of more sensationalistic matters. A "Black Panther" sighting might be sensationalistic, but it is of little difference in the Biological sense and none at all in the Cryptozoological sense, because it is an individual out of a known species.


A fragment of ZICRON -4.4 billion years old was found at the JACK HILLS REGION ,WESTERN AUSTRILIA.Scientists say its is evidence of the earth,s crust formed soon after the planet evovled from gas and dust swirling around the sun .WISCONSIN,U.S.A boffins said it confifmed theories of how earth cooled to become habitable.


MALAMUTES,HUSKIES,SARLOOS popularity has riseb due to GAMES OF THONES,TWILIGHT FILMS.52 of these dogs were handed ito the BLUE CROSS due to being abandoned by thier owners as they discover they have appetites,energy of their wild ancestors-WOLFS.Brought into the news of late due to the tragig death of a 6 day old little girl.

The Truth about Depression BBC Full Documentary 2013

Assisted Suicide - My Own Choice (Documentary - Full Length) 2013

GDPR...General Data Protection Regulations information

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