Saturday, 18 January 2014


We look upon the pigeon as a pest but during ww1 -ww2 this bird was used to carry important meeages that in turn saved lives,the germans during ww1 even had a squaddon of hawks to intercept them.More than 100,00 pigeons served with the british services ,95 % suussess rate in delievering messages,212 singled oput for meritious service,in 1914 a law was pased that hurting a pigeon in anyway  lead to a fine or jail.ALSO  a mention of mules,donkeys-transport,supplies to the front ww1,circus elephants,camels -used to plough fields,ww2 dogs sniffed mines and cats wre polular mascots in ships during ww1-ww2and the most usual one  is glowworms  used in ww1 in trnchs to read ,shows how much man and animals help each othrr.

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