Friday, 31 January 2014

Neanderthals gave us disease genes

Tabun NeanderthalGene types that influence disease in people today were picked up through interbreeding with Neanderthals, a major study in Nature journal suggests.
They passed on variants involved in type 2 diabetes, Crohn's disease and - curiously - smoking addiction.
Genome studies reveal that our species (Homo sapiens) mated with Neanderthals after leaving Africa.
But it was previously unclear what this Neanderthal DNA did and whether there were any implications for human health.

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When Neanderthals and modern humans met and mixed, they were at the very edge of being biological compatible”
Prof David ReichHarvard Medical School
Between 2% and 4% of the genetic blueprint of present-day non-Africans came from Neanderthals.
By screening the genomes of 1,004 modern humans, Sriram Sankararaman and his colleagues identified regions bearing the Neanderthal versions of different genes.
That a gene variant associated with a difficulty in stopping smoking should be found to have a Neanderthal origin is a surprise.
It goes without saying that there is no suggestion our evolutionary cousins were puffing away in their more

Climate change is 'killing Argentina's Magellanic penguin chicks'

penguinsPenguin chicks in Argentina are dying as a direct consequence of climate change, according to new research.
Drenching rainstorms and extreme heat are killing the young birds in significant numbers.
The study, conducted over 27 years, looked at climate impacts on the world's biggest colony of Magellanic penguins, which live on the arid Punta Tombo peninsula.
The research has been published in the journal Plos One.

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They are turning their nests into swimming pools and they really don't like to be wet”
Prof Dee BoersmaUniversity of Washington
About 200,000 pairs of these penguins make their nests on the peninsula every year.
They reside there, in desert-like conditions, from September until February to hatch their young.
However, the life of a newborn chick is perilous, to say the more

Project targets 2016 for Asian vultures release

Oriental white-backed vultures (Image: Guy Shorrock/  After the devastation wrought by a drug on Asian vulture populations, a project hopes to begin releasing captive-bred birds into the wild by 2016.
The Saving Asia's Vultures from Extinction (Save) programme says it plans to release up to 25 birds into a 30,000-sq-km drug-free "safe zone".
Diclofenac - used by vets on cattle - was identified as causing a crash in vulture numbers and banned by India.
But, says Save, the version for human use is still given illegally to cattle.
Diclofenac was banned for use by vets and farmers in 2006 because of its effect on vultures that feed on livestock carcasses.
The link between the anti-inflammatory drug, used to reduce swelling in injured or diseased animals, and the devastating demise of Asia's vulture populations was firmly established in 2004.
Long-billed vulture chicks (Image: Chris Bowden/RSPB)Until the breeding programme, the threatened species of vulture had not been bred in captivity
Tests on captive vultures fed carcass flesh traced with the drug produced symptoms that were strikingly similar to those witnessed in sick birds in the more

Saturday, 25 January 2014




DEVON AND CORWALL POLICE recieved 7 calls relating to paranormal or extraterrestial activity since 2010.IN 2013 -3 CALLS -CALLER reporting a spiked stick which they said could only decribe as witchcraft-ILFARCOMBE.IN HOLSWORTHY AREA AUGUEST 2013 A 999 call reported being burggled by a paranormal beings,the caller assumed witches.A large white globe in the sky emanating light down over nearby forest in  BIDEFORD ,possible rave rather than u.f.o.APRIL 2012 - HOLSWORTHY the caller said a man was using witchcraft Lon her ,JULY 2012 HOLSWORTHY A caller said neighbours were witches  coven ,running around outside screaming in tongues. NORTHDEVONGAZETTE -PAGE 3 -22.01.2014


A NATHUSIUS PIPISETTE BAT  found in the NETHERLANDS flew from BLAGDON NEAR BRISTOL to a farm building in FRIESLAND-370 MILES.-part of resarch into the ecology of BRITISH BATS led by  DR FIANA MATHEWS,UNIVERISITY OF EXETER.Sadly the bat died but the discoverery is proof that thier successfully migrate across NORTH SEA-WESTERNMORNINGNEWS -PAGE 14 .


IN SEARCH FOR MYTHS AND MONSTERS -ALAN LANDSBURG -A COGI BOOK-0 552 10539 2.This book contains eye witness accounts of mysterious monsters,sea monsters ,giant half humans,vampires and a chapter on future monsters.The writer is entertaining and his passion comes through in reading the book,even has a forword by LEONARD NIMOY,a good starter book in CRYPTOZOOLOGY.

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Beaver filmed in the wild on Devon farm

A wild beaver has been caught on film at a farm in Devon.
Images of the rare animal were taken near the River Otter on Knightstone Farm in Ottery St Mary.
Farmer David Lawrence became suspicious after he spotted damage to trees, including one trunk about 1ft (30cm) in diameter bearing teeth marks.
The mammal was captured on film by retired environmental scientist Tom Buckley who said he was "very surprised" at the discovery.
'It's fantastic'
Mr Lawrence said he "nudged" Mr Buckley into examining damage to trees after some had been found knocked over on his land last autumn.
He said: "I thought at first it was someone messing about with an axe, but I contacted Tom who had his suspicions. He set up trail cameras and - hey presto - we saw what it was."
Mr Lawrence said where the beaver came from was a mystery.
He said the beaver may be roaming through three or four fields on his farm and its traces sometimes disappeared for a week at a time, meaning it "could be because he is operating in a bigger stretch [of river]".

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If that's what he can do to a tree, what about your ankles?”

David Lawrence
He said: "He's been doing a bit of damage, but nothing major.
"I don't want to mess about with him. If that's what he can do to a tree, what about your ankles?"read more

Sunday, 19 January 2014


Sometimes people label you and its differcult to break free,i myself have had a few labels in my brief life on planet earth.You may have read some on my ghostman blog-how people thought i was gay,spending 2 years in the same class have others which i look back make me feel sad and bad and its mainly to with when i broke up with my first girlfriend - only 2 woman in my life ,now married for last 20 plus years to 2 girlfriend,Anyway i did not take break up  to frist girlfriend very well ,lost the plot,went on a rampage of criminnal damage times 2 ,fines ,1 year probation which sometimes did not go to as rather go to gym to weight Also had a mental health issue that lead to me ending in hospital on 2 occasions-found out first girlfriend already had someone else.This mental health issue ended uo being on top of my medical records now off due to complaining ,the issue i an talking about relates to a song used in the seris mash now just o.c.d,pariod,old ex essex failed biker who thinks he can write blogs and may have gypsys blood due to dads mohers side.

Saturday, 18 January 2014


Like many people i remember the t.v ads for pg tips showing the CHIMANEZEEs in various comedy situations,when i was this article in the sun it made me feel sad,choppers a 42 year old chimp was ava in the ads and lives in TWYCROSS ZOO were she is believed to be damaged from being treated like human and has not learnt ape behaviour,pg tips have not supplied much money to her upkeep.Here are some more chtarzan films of early 1930s died aged 80 in 2011 and i also like to mention the chimps used in the space race and  the abuse tier suffered for the progress of man going to the moon and space.CHIMANEZEE 98% genetic blue print to ours,live in large communites of several dozen animals in wild,10;000-200,00 estimated in wild,can be taught basi sign lanuage and retain up to 100 words, in the wild rarely live pass 50 but in captivitybcan live past 60.
imps -OSCAR-starred in a Walt Disney documentary about a year of his life in IVORIAN JUNGLE,BUBBLES- Michael Jacksons chimp became disturbed and now lives in a sanctuary,CHEETAH-star of


HINDU  devotees in ATRA,INDIA  have drunk cow urine for 12 years and thier aim is to make movey by making soap,toothpaste,eyedrops and claim it can cure t.b,cancer,diabetes,baldness.Only  virgin cows wee works and the best fresh is in the morning ,cant wait to sse in local supermarket shelves.




We look upon the pigeon as a pest but during ww1 -ww2 this bird was used to carry important meeages that in turn saved lives,the germans during ww1 even had a squaddon of hawks to intercept them.More than 100,00 pigeons served with the british services ,95 % suussess rate in delievering messages,212 singled oput for meritious service,in 1914 a law was pased that hurting a pigeon in anyway  lead to a fine or jail.ALSO  a mention of mules,donkeys-transport,supplies to the front ww1,circus elephants,camels -used to plough fields,ww2 dogs sniffed mines and cats wre polular mascots in ships during ww1-ww2and the most usual one  is glowworms  used in ww1 in trnchs to read ,shows how much man and animals help each othrr.


At a caravan site MANOR PARK,HAPPPISBURGH,NORFOLK,Scentists on a archaeological site  dig have unearthed ancient community containing stone axes,fossilised   remains,butchered animakls belonging to HOMO ANTECESSOR- a predessor of modern man and  the earlest known species to make into europe shortly to go to on exhibition at NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM.HOMO ANTECESSOR HAD A SMALL BRAIN,MAY HAVE BEEN A CANNIBAL AS WELLAS A HUNTER,NO COMPLETE SKELETON HAS BEEN FOUND,FOSSILS REMAINS DISCOVERED IN SPAIN MAKE THEM ABOUT 5FT 6FT TALL ,WEIGH 9-14ST.


THE EMPIRE OF THINGS  SELECTED READINGS 2003 -2013-C.J.STONE -GONZO MUTIMEDIA MMXI-IBN -978-1-908728-36-4-WWW.CJSTONE.CO.UK.This book is unusual collection of various subjects from vlad the impaler to finding out what a ranter is and why the author thinks he is one.Part spiritual,some poltics this book when read will make you think and enjoy the journey of life.I give thanks to JONATHAN DOWNES  for giving me this book which if you read this blog i recommend to you my reader .

Monday, 13 January 2014

African tigerfish catch swallows in flight

African tigerfish have been filmed catching swallows in flight by scientists.
Some species of fish are known to feed on stationary birds but experts say this is the first evidence of one catching birds on the wing.
Tigerfish are a predatory freshwater species that are best known for their large, razor-sharp teeth.
The behaviour was filmed at Schroda Dam, a man-made lake in Limpopo Province, South Africa.
Researchers from the Water Research Group of North West University, South Africa, described their findings in the Journal of Fish Biology.

Predators in the water

African tigerfish takes bait
"The African tigerfish is one of the most amazing freshwater species in the world," said Prof Nico Smit, co-author of the study.
"It is a striking fish with beautiful markings on the body, bright red fins and vicious teeth."
The fish, Hydrocynus vittatus, is known as a voracious predator and according to Prof Smit, its characteristic jump makes it a favourite species for freshwater anglers.
It is a protected species in South Africa and Prof Smit and colleagues were conducting a study into how it uses different habitats in Schroda Dam.READ MORE

Black rhino hunt permit auctioned in US

Protest outside the Dallas Convention Center where the Dallas Safari Club held its weekend show and auctionA permit to hunt and kill an endangered Black Rhino in Namibia has been sold at a US auction for $350,000 (£212,000).
The Dallas Safari Club in Texas says the hunt will help protect the species by removing an old aggressive rhino, and funding future conservation.
However, the auction has been fiercely criticised by conservationists, and has even drawn death threats.
Namibia is home to about a third of the world's 5,000 black rhinos, and issues just three hunting permits a year.
It is the first time a permit has been auctioned outside the southern African nation.
'A sad joke'
The auction was held amid tight security at a Dallas convention centre, where dozens of protesters had gathered.
The winning bidder - who has not been named - will hunt an old, non-breeding male rhino.READ MORE

Saturday, 11 January 2014


Whilst out for a walk at WESTWARD HO ,DEVON a pair of walkers stumbled across a BABY GREY SEAL,it seemed friendly.Another  GREY SEAL  was spotted at CROW POINT blown ashore by the storms ,it was unttangled and set free from its debris and helped back into the sea-NORTHDEVOJOURNAL-PAGE 31-9/01/2014


A  millionare is planning to complete a study on a controlled release of WOLVES,to gainpermission for the animals to roam across 50,000 arces behind a 10 foot fence .So far he has tried  wild boar,elk,bison ,red deer,highland cattle ,red squirrel,scottish wildcats on his esate in SUTHERLAND,35 MILES FROM INVERNERNESS.HE plans to fit tracking devicesand a team of 8 men to watch them but may not happen dueto the rite to roam the scottish highlands laws.


1,771 BADGERS wwre killed since cull begun in AUGUEST  coating 7.3 MILLION of which the taxpayer-you and me -picked up a sshare of 5.8 MILLION of this bill-CARE FOR THE WILD-ANIMAL CHARITY.This works out at 2,200 per BADGER,the cull taking pace in GLOUCESTERSHIRE AND SOMERSET.The farmers only paided1.49 MILLION-wow -policing 2.66 MILLION,3.17 MILLION  to various goverment agencies,this proves what  a waste of life to BADGERS and the so called farmers got off lightly -see thier payment above-and stiil the sheep bleat that it was justified,but  almost scientists universersally say that the cull wont have any significant impact on t.b.


6 stallions became trapped in a submerged field in floodwater from tributary-RIVER AVON.A FACEBOOK GROUP was set up after the outcry on social media,but the recuers found that thier matters wose by frightening the horses into deeper waters,RSPCA,LOCAL POLICE  moved the people away from field as threating the operation to save them CHRISTCHURCH,DORSET.


Plans to develop a gypsy site in EFFORD AREA,PLYMOUTH have been scrapped,permission for the 10 pitch site at MILITARY ROAD was agreed in 2011 despite the normal objections and residents protests.PLYMOUTH CITY COUNCIL decide to honour a historic commitment not to develop site and turn into a wildlife reserve instead,yet again ifvyour way of life is different from the norm others shun you,thier is good and bad in everyone and are we no equal in the eyes of god.


People in  AUSTRALIA are taking  part in protests to kill large sharks,WESTERN AUSTRILIA GOVERNMENT  is to install baited hooks off PERTHS BEACHES in response to 7 fatal shark attacks in 3 years.The cull is not the answer and a danmage to the seas eco system-BBC-RED BUTTON NEWS-4.0.2014

Friday, 10 January 2014

More than three quarters of large carnivores now in decline

A majority now occupy less than half their former ranges according to data published in the journal, Science.
The loss of this habitat and prey and persecution by humans has created global hotspots of decline.
The researchers say the loss of these species could be extremely damaging for ecosystems the world over.
The authors say that in the developed world, most carnivorous animals have already succumbed to extinction.
When they looked at 31 big meat eaters, they found that they were under increasing pressure in the Amazon, South East Asia, southern and East Africa.
"Globally, we are losing our large carnivores," said lead author Prof William Ripple from Oregon State University.
"Their ranges are collapsing. Many of these animals are at risk of extinction, either locally or globally."

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Honeybee shortage threatens crop pollination in Europe

beesn more than half of European countries, there are not enough honeybees to pollinate crops, according to new research.
Scientists believe that a boom in biofuels has sparked a massive increase in the need for pollination.
The shortage is particularly acute in Britain which has only a quarter of the honeybees required.
Researchers believe that wild pollinators including bumblebees and hoverflies are making up the shortfall.
The study is published in the journal Plos One.
Food for fuel The number of honeybees in the UK and elsewhere has been in decline in recent years, with both pesticide use and disease being blamed for losses.
Across Europe though, overall numbers of honeybee colonies increased by 7% across 41 countries between 2005 and more

Saturday, 4 January 2014

MIKE DAVIS: Seems like an Hour



A rare ASIAN BAR-HEADED GOOSE  has been spotted on EXMINSTER MARSHES.The BAR-HEADED GEESE breed  in  CENTRAL ASIA  in colonies of thousands near mountian lakes in SOUTH ASIA as far  south as PENINSULAR ,INDIA.The bird has grey plummage,black barred head and black tipped yellow beak and seen regularly on BOWLING GREEN MARSH and DARTS FARM NEAR EXETER.Believed to be an escapee from a private collection.SOURCE -WESTERNMORNING NEWS-PAGE 8-FRIDAY 2/01/2014


A victim  was found in the LADEFENSE BUSINESS AREA OF PARIS,FRANCE.The victim had his throat slashed and dumped in car park,the suspect of the murder was covered in blood ,his hand bleeding but his hand bleeding but seemed to be lot more blood than was coming for wound  .He told the police he had been drinking  his victims  blood,the dracula-like murder suspect was charged with murder.


A wild deer was reportly been shot in the head with a cross bow in a barbaric act.The innicident wasin  PLYMBRIDGE WOODS NEAR PLYMOUTH,DEVON,the person who was suspected of this crime was only arrested on suspicion of possessioning  an offensive weapon in a public area and released on bail,the deer is believed to be wouned and alive ,i think not.SOURCE BBC RED BUTTON-WEST-SOUTH WEST NEWS.


A foossil hunter found a skeleton of a 5ft long  ICHTHYOSAUR -a giant toothy   marine reptile that resembles a dolphin.Embedded in rocks at CHARMOUTH BEACH .NEAR LYME REGIS,famed lyme regis fossil hunter  MARY ANNING discovered the skeleton of the frist ICHTHYOSAUR to be recongnised locally.


Second year MARINE BIOLOGY and ECOLOGY  students at  FALMOUTH MARINE SCHOOL,the aim is to get them into breeding condition,study habits,also the PIRANHIS will share a purpose built wet laboratory with  SHARKS ,VENMOUS LIONFISH,CORALS,CUTTLEFISH


A TESCO worker spent a month in a coma after a suspected spider bite .It left him with kidney failure and lost 2 stone in weight,he is expected to make full recovery.


MINNIE -8 year old JACK RUSSELL was reunited with her  owner  after she survived 8 days down a rabbit hole-licked moisture off rocks.The rescue took the owners,their children,13 fireman over 4 hours to dig free,MINNIE was slightly panicked but after a bath and food did not reqiure treatment.

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Avian malaria threatens Galapagos bird species

Blue-footed booby
The Galapagos Islands may have inspired Charles Darwin's theory of evolution, but scientists fear some of the species he observed may not be capable of adapting to new environmental challenges.
Experts say the introduction of foreign parasites to the islands and the increase in frequency of El Nino events, which scientists recently attributed to global warming, could push bird species in the Galapagos towards extinctionThe situation is precarious," says Dr Patricia Parker, Endowed Professor of Zoological Studies at the University of Missouri St Louis (UMSL), "particularly for species such as the Galapagos penguin, which live in very small populations." read more

California tests natural disaster early warning system

Flash floodScientists are using GPS technology and other sensors to detect the impending threat of natural disasters.
The network is installed in Southern California and has already helped scientists to alert emergency services to the risk of flash floods.
Yehuda Bock from the Scripps Institute of Oceanography said: "This can help to mitigate threats to public safety."
And added: "It means real-time information can be made available."
Ground motion
The minutes and even seconds before a natural disaster strikes are crucial. read more

Mark Anthony Raines of Holsworthy mark show is a guest on Monster Movie Night with Internet Horror Host Bobby Gammonster.

Mark Anthony Raines of Holsworthy mark show is a guest on Monster Movie Night with Internet Horror Host Bobby Gammonster. ...https://...